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Aug 24, 2019 · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Hello, I am talking about a coworker at my job

Aug 9, 2019 · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Thanks for your response Eloise! I have already pursued your recommendations! I am in an even more tricky situation because I am a contractor in a worksite. The manager who made these comments (and had said them numerous times) is a manager that my company is working for, but he is employed by the parent company. My HR director gave me a very useful tip which seems like it might work. She told me to say "not funny" whenever he says something like this, but to say it using a bland facial expression and while using a neutral tone of voice. I think this might help. I guess the whole thing has just got me thinking. He actually has some communication issues himself. He is a mumbler and does not annunciate words clearly. Despite my asking him to face me when speaking to me so I can read his lips, he cannot remember to do so after 11 years of working together. I guess I wonder why he assumes the communication barrier is my problem and not his. Have you ever experienced a workplace situation where a co-worker assumes responsibility for their role in the communication process? Am I just having idealistic thoughts? Thanks again! Nice to meet you! Tara

Aug 9, 2019 · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Hello, I have been hard of hearing all of my life. I have held my current job as a report writer for and environmental company for 11 years. I am upset that I still occasionally face negative comments from coworkers about my hearing loss. Recently, I had a manager tell me in front of a room full of co-workers that I “needed to get new hearing aids” because mine “don’t work”. I was so shocked I didn’t know how to respond immediately. In thinking about this since it happened, I have started wondering why the onus for accommodation in the workplace only seems to lie with me. Why isn’t it partially my employer’s responsibility to accommodate me? Has anyone else faced similar hardship? Does anyone here work somewhere where the employer shares the responsibility?