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Mon, Aug 12 11:20am · Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet in Digestive Health

I appreciate the information. I was tested for so many things back when I started losing even more weight. One of them was my thyroid. My anxiety may have played a part but no matter what I ate I kept losing. Now I think I am maintaining but our scale broke a couple of weeks ago. I was also having issues with other things so I had a CT of most of my major organs and they just found kidney stones. I also had some kind of test where they checked my bladder with a scope because I kept dehydrating.

Sat, Aug 10 3:13pm · Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet in Digestive Health

I know it is sometimes hard to find a doctor that listens. My doctor is pretty good at listening to my concerns. She pushes me to get tests because I sometimes like to avoid because they scare me. I did ask for the endoscope though. But had it not been for her pushing I probably would have put off my colonoscopy and that would have been bad since I did have precancerous polyps. I just never thought I had acid reflux since I rarely had pain and I ate tons of spicy foods and lots of chocolate. I wish I would have known so that I could have taken antacids prior to the BE. I could go right to bed too after eating a bunch with no problem. Funny my partner always had to stay up for a while or else he got heartburn and I felt lucky not to. Wish I would have known then.

Sat, Aug 10 2:29pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

I will have to check it out although I am not supposed to have chocolate. I would imagine there are different flavors.

Sat, Aug 10 2:00pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Yum! Ice cream has always been my weakness.

Sat, Aug 10 1:16pm · Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet in Digestive Health

I am sorry to hear about all you have gone through. I too have mucus sometimes. Usually with my throat clearing but not tons. I seem to have to clear my throat right after eating no matter what I eat. Right now it is a different color which leads me to think it is allergies. My dr. thought allergies years ago when she noticed I was going in every August. Probably the last 30 years. I can't tell if it is coming up or going down.

Sat, Aug 10 1:07pm · Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet in Digestive Health

My gastro prescribed 2 20 mg per day. I am 53. I may have had for years who knows. What makes you think it was 2012? Did you develop symptoms back then? I keep wondering if I damaged my esophogus in my teens when I had an eating disorder. Bulimia.

Sat, Aug 10 10:48am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Is it similar to BE? I hope you are doing well though.

Sat, Aug 10 10:45am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

That's what I have been told too but I have silent reflux so I can't tell.