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Thu, Feb 13 8:35am · Pain management in Chronic Pain


Fri, Jan 17 7:33am · Cancerous spot not healing?? in Cancer

My nose is still healing & still covered by Vaseline & bandage. It looks better than it did at first, thankfully, & the surgeon said perhaps sanding it will help the raised area. He put something in to help the swelling. I would rather have a bump there than a depression, it would look a bit more normal. I think that keeping a surgical site covered & moist is the the best way to keep scarring at a minimum.
Has anyone tried those ointments that are supposed to help eliminate scars?

Thu, Jan 16 8:27am · I've had 3 cancers: Thyroid cancer, Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer in Cancer

I've also had multiple cancers, and not related to each other. Melanoma. Angiosarcoma, and a GIST. Also, and within a short time span, a large number of pre-cancer tumors which were surgically removed. That was a few years ago. Presently, I am having numerous skin cancers.
My doctors were not at all amazed or surprised, or even worried! But then, I had the bad luck of going to a very large teaching hospital where patient care was secondary and quite poor. Nevertheless, I managed to recover.
I do have a friend who is a cancer researcher in a cancer research facility; when I told him my history, he was sure it was no doubt a gene which gave me the pre-disposition for multiple cancers. He is interesting in testing, which is a lot more than my former doctors!

Dec 19, 2019 · Cancerous spot not healing?? in Cancer

I am now recovering from Moh's surgery several weeks ago on my nose for Basal Cell Cancer. It was a a sore that would not heal. The surgery was quite large and deep, and I will probably have to have a skin graft or plastic surgery of some sort on it as it is VERY disfiguring. I feel totally discouraged and maimed.
This is the 3rd Moh's on my face. I had another on my leg and major surgery for a huge Melanoma on my arm many years ago.
I also have had several sarcomas and other serious cancers. Obviously there is a bad cancer gene in my DNA!
Thanks for your concern.

Dec 17, 2019 · Cancerous spot not healing?? in Cancer

Have had tons of skin cancers– Basal, Squamous, and even the big M. (Melanoma)
Two on my leg, right immediately next to each other, were removed by Moh's surgery several years ago, they still hurt.
Derm said not to worry!

Dec 17, 2019 · Are TENS units any help for chronic pain and/or PNE? in Chronic Pain

I have one & formerly used it for chronic back pain. I find it is more of an annoyance than a help.
But, my pain is in a joint, rather than a muscle though.
Now, Tens units are available in drug stores at a reasonable price, they used to be $$$!

Sep 23, 2019 · “ Normal “ BM’s in Digestive Health

Hi– No, don't think you are rude, and no, I don't live in the English Channel!
But I still don't know about this OZ person, he does sound a bit like someone on the Jerry Springer Show. That type character and the circus going on in Washington is what I meant by rudeness & vulgarity in our country.
I still an confused about my bowel behavior's oddity, but I guess that will remain as one of life's mysteries.

Sep 22, 2019 · “ Normal “ BM’s in Digestive Health

Sorry, but with all the rudeness and vulgarity that is presently going on in our country today, I just wanted to be "correct" in my post!
I simply was giving a heads up to possible earmarks or warnings of oncoming attacks.
Have no idea what or whom Dr. Oz might be, but assure you he/it is not a denizen of the deep!