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Mon, Sep 23 9:04am · “ Normal “ BM’s in Digestive Health

Hi– No, don't think you are rude, and no, I don't live in the English Channel!
But I still don't know about this OZ person, he does sound a bit like someone on the Jerry Springer Show. That type character and the circus going on in Washington is what I meant by rudeness & vulgarity in our country.
I still an confused about my bowel behavior's oddity, but I guess that will remain as one of life's mysteries.

Sun, Sep 22 8:02am · “ Normal “ BM’s in Digestive Health

Sorry, but with all the rudeness and vulgarity that is presently going on in our country today, I just wanted to be "correct" in my post!
I simply was giving a heads up to possible earmarks or warnings of oncoming attacks.
Have no idea what or whom Dr. Oz might be, but assure you he/it is not a denizen of the deep!

Sat, Sep 21 8:11am · “ Normal “ BM’s in Digestive Health

Hate the vulgarity of this issue but…….!
Before my attack, my bms were a dark green. Anyone else have this oddity? I was not constipated.

Sat, Aug 31 1:12pm · Side Effects of Plavix is there an Alternative in Heart & Blood Health

Hi—- Looked up GoodRX online & found the lowest price was $448! That is even higher than my drug insurance price of $350.
Wow, this Eliquis must be quite a drug, wonder if it makes you younger and more beautiful as well as preventing clots.
All I can say is that the drug companies are missing out on most sales if only a few people can afford it, They could be making decent profits as well as helping people live longer. But I guess, that is not important to them.

Sat, Aug 31 7:34am · Side Effects of Plavix is there an Alternative in Heart & Blood Health

Hi there danab,
Thanks for your suggestions. As mentioned, I did try to go thru Eliquis's patient assistance program, but was turned down because I had insurance! Crazy, even with insurance the cost was $350 a month. The mail order plan offered was only slightly less money than going to the pharmacy.
So, what's so bad with Coumadin? I know that one needs to take constant blood draws when on it, my doctor said it was weekly! That seems like overkill. I am hoping my new dr. in November will have some new ideas. I hope I last that long—LOL!

Fri, Aug 30 11:14am · Side Effects of Plavix is there an Alternative in Heart & Blood Health

I had an aFib attack & a heart attack right afterwards. They were due to an extremely stressful and painful insertion of an Nasal-Gastro tube during an intestinal blockage attack—- Yes all 3 at almost the same time!

Anyway, after all this happened, I was prescribed Eliquis for preventing clots & strokes. Went to the drugstore to fill this & was presented a bill for over $350.00 for a 1 months supply! That is WITH drug insurance. Naturally, there was no way I could afford such an outrageous amount. I applied for financial help from the drug company, but was turned down because I had drug insurance. What a bunch of malarkey. I am now in limbo as I am getting a new heart dr., and can't see him for 2 months.

The old dr. refused to try Coumadin for me, in fact he refused any help at all, that's why a new dr. I am just taking baby aspirin.
Any ideas why Coumadin, an old standby was not prescribed instead of something unreasonably priced?
Thanks for the helpful material given here!!!!

Fri, Aug 23 2:32pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

patta– I've had c.diff 3 or 4 times and all were because of large doses of antibiotics. Amoxicillin antibiotic seemed to be the culprit for the first time. The second time, I was in the hospital for surgery & gave the staff warning that this is a problem, but it was disregarded & I came down with a terrible bout of this horrible condition, but lived. Another time, I contacted it again in a hospital, & was prescribed vancomycin, which eventually worked.
Washing your hands with soap & using clorox as a disinfectant is also what I was told, & it did not spread to my husband.

The alcoholic hand sanitizers are not effective for c.diff, and it sounds like you are really doing a bang up job keeping clean & sanitized!
So be careful on any visits to a hospital or doctor's office in the future & wash those hands!!!! Good luck.

Fri, Aug 9 11:30am · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

Thanks for your support, Nancybev.
The obstruction was caused by adhesions, due to many surgeries in the past. The heart & a fib attacks were due to the stress of the ng tube. (I have a deviated nasal septum to add to the complications, making the insertion doubly difficult)
This was my first obstruction. As I previously said, I could not go thru another insertion, I have had major cancer surgeries, and many medical procedures, but never, ever, anything like that ng tube insertion.
From what you & others have said, these unfortunately tend to come back again & again. I am trying to eat low fiber foods, and I was told to drink plenty of water every day. The smoothies sound good, any recipes? Do you think this type diet is forever?
Thanks again, and I am VERY happy to have found this message site.