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Tue, Jan 7 6:55am · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Research POTS. I am convinced this is what I have! Your situation sounds similar to mine. But, mine has been for 20+ years. When I do research online the POTS symptoms don't all match what I am going through, but then I found a support group via Facebook, and allllll of my symptoms, along with other weird things I have been going through (random on and off tooth pain…as in all of my teeth at one time!) are talked about on there! One of the main sypotoms is passing out, which I don't do, but I do have some dizziness occasionally. I haven't been tested yet, but plan to be soon. Some people are treated successfully, others are not. Check it out! I honestly think this is what we all have!

Nov 21, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Has anyone with these symptoms been diagnosed with POTS?

Aug 2, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

I eat well during the week, but tend to slip up on the weekends between good and beer. And not that that's every weekend, but that's when I were to eat more and binge drink. My latest flare up was definitely after a huge eating and drinking day.
I'm on 40mg of Protonix. Is that the "normal" dose?

Aug 2, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

I feel relieved I found this group. I have been dealing with this feeling for over 20 YEARS!!! Sometimes (like now) worse than others but it's always, always there. I can't find a common denominator to save my life. I have seen tons of doctors and everything comes back normal. Every year or so I get bad chest pains (along with scary arm, jaw, face and neck tingling) as well and they go through all of the tests again and they all come back normal. Which is good, but not. I want to know what's wrong! I had a stress test this week and it was normal. Next week I have a GI scope. I have read some comments that sometimes it's silent reflux. My doctor put me on (generic) protonix over a week ago, and unfortunately I haven't notice much of a difference. I was hoping it would be the miracle drug.
I too am not buying anxiety. I had a huge flare up last week, when I was on vacation from work. I was excited to have off and relaxed. It is so debilitating though. I know I should exercise, but it's hard to force myself when it feels this way. I do sometimes have a better day when I do. This does not effect my sleep and I don't feel it for the first half hour or so when I wake up, so I will sometimes so my treadmill at this time to get in some exercise.
I am overweight but healthy, but have had the same issues when I wasn't overweight. This all started when I took phen-fen (I was on for about 2 weeks.). I went through all of the tests then that were linked with issues and they found nothing and have done them all several times since. It also started right after my sister passed away in a car accident and I've read somewhere that traumatic events can cause things like this. But since then, I do not feel depressed or stressed other than this being my life now.
It's to the point when people notice and ask why I had to stop and brace myself to attempt to pull a deep breath in. I pray for answers, but am grateful to have found others in the same boat.