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Sat, Nov 2 4:55pm · Calcium and Vitamin D for bone density in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I'm very interested in this discussion. I live in a northern clime (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) so the amount of sunlight I get throughout the year is affected by the winter months. I've been in the osteopenia range since my mid-40's despite years of weight bearing exercise including hiking, walking and weight-lifting. My mother had osteoporosis which is a big risk factor. My vitamin D level was tested and found to be very low (this was 8 years ago) so I went on megadoses of Vitamin D and have continued with calcium and Vitamin D supplements. I was diagnosed with osteporosis 8 years ago (in my hip) and finally agreed to go on Fosomax two years ago. My next DEXA scan will be in another year and my PCP and I will decide whether to discontinue the Fosomax (I'm hoping for the best).

Sat, Nov 2 4:46pm · Worried about Ovarian Cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

My gyn oncologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester is Dr. Amanika Kumar. She is empathic, answered our many questions, was responsive, and her whole team was awesome. I wrote her a thank you note after my surgery – I've never written a thank you note for anything like this in the past but I was so moved by her care and expertise.

Sat, Nov 2 4:43pm · Worried about Ovarian Cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

JMac, I had postmenopausal bleeding and cramps which led me my gynecologist. Within days after an endometrial cancer diagnosis I was at Mayo Clinic where, I had a radical hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oopherectomy (fallopian tubes and ovaries also removed). I did not have any pain prior to that but with a diagnosis of endometrial cancer it was the right decision. I have had friends who've had longstanding pain and discomfort as you've had. One of my friends was pain-free within hours of awakening from her hysterectomy and was so greatly relieved. So, with that, I'd like offer encouragement that your pain will disappear and that will be a great relief. I understand your anxiety and fear. It's a very natural response. It sounds to me that you've consulted the physicians best equipped to help you through this. Please let us know as you proceed and know that all of us are wishing you the best. naturegirl5

Sat, Nov 2 4:34pm · Endometrial Cancer: Noticing my blessings every day in Gynecologic Cancers

Hi m1br1r9, I'm recovering from my surgery in August and have some aches on occasion. At times I worry about recurrence or secondary cancers but realize I cannot live my life under that shadow. My first follow-up with my cancer team (at Mayo) will be in February, 2020. Does anyone ever ask you what caused your cancer? I've been asked that a few times and find it distressing. Yes, I had some risk factors that I could not control (no children, late menopause) but it's not as if I had been lax in health screenings or self-care. I think that others who ask this question are projecting their own fears so I just leave it at that when I answer "no, I don't know and honestly the risk factors for gynecological cancers are complex and varied".

I'm wishing you all my best, naturegirl5

Sat, Nov 2 4:23pm · Endometrial Cancer: Noticing my blessings every day in Gynecologic Cancers

Hello, mibr1r9, I ache for you. I'm hoping and praying and sending you positive energy that these 2 cycles bring about the desired results. Have you finished the first cycle and will enter the second? I'm hopeful that the cognitive side effects that are the most distressing will be alleviated with time between and after cycles. I send my love and best wishes, naturegirl5.

Wed, Oct 30 8:41pm · Endometrial Cancer: Noticing my blessings every day in Gynecologic Cancers

m1b1r9, Im wondering how you are since we last communicated. Are you still receiving radiation at MD Anderson? I'm hoping and praying for the best outcome for you.

Wed, Oct 30 8:37pm · Worried about Ovarian Cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

@rochellewisner I think there are a few gyn oncologists at each of the Mayo Clinic locations. I agree that for a gynecological cancer, it's important to see a gyn oncologist. Sometimes when we are referred for an urgent problem at Mayo the appointment is made with the first available provider. Personally, my partner and I have been very pleased with every physician and member of the care teams that we've seen.

Sat, Oct 5 8:07am · Life after a cancer diagnosis in Cancer

Thank you, Merry, for reminding us what life was like without the internet. Sometimes I want to return those "good 'ol days", thinking life was simpler, less instant, and far less hectic. However, as you wrote, 22 years ago, this wonderful Mayo Connect site did not exist. I've overheard my partner telling others how I've found such lovely support here on Mayo Connect. This has become my "home group".

I'm just 11 weeks out from my diagnosis and 9 weeks out from a radical hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. Now that my energy is returning, I've squished too many activities in to too little time. I need to remind myself each morning that my partner, my family, (this includes our animals) and my close friendships are most important. Thank you for the reminder to limit appointments, slow down, and not overly complicate my life. Yes, I think that living each day, one at a time, and simplifying our lives is key. We can say "no" to what we can control.

Thank you for your inspiring post.