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Sun, Jun 21 11:03am · Endometrial Cancer: Noticing my blessings every day in Gynecologic Cancers

@stparker54. My heart is breaking for you. I felt like you when I first received my cancer diagnosis. I was in shock and my thoughts kept returning to how much time I had left. My treatment was at Mayo Clinic-Rochester and they have a huge support network for cancer survivors. I'm not sure what they have online right now but I'm thinking much of what Mayo Clinic has in group support and with therapists has gone online. Are you located in an area with a cancer center? What resources are available to you? I hope you have support from your loved ones and friends however I also hope you have or will have a therapist you can talk with. I will keep you in my prayers.

Thu, May 14 4:05pm · Strengthening exercises after total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

Hello, @oregonjan. My surgeon said the same about PT not recommended following total hip replacement. I'm 68-years-old and my surgery was November, 2019. I have osteoarthritis in lower back and prior to the surgery I had a leg length discrepancy of 3/4" in the surgical leg due to congenital hip dysplasia (repaired as an infant). In March, 2020 with ongoing pain in my surgical hip and gait problems I requested a PT referral. I never had the PT assessment because because nation/world closed down in mi dMarch. Since PT wasn't available I have followed up on exercises that the PT gave me to do at home (at my request). I had started some strengthening at the gym because that closed in March so I'm doing some strengthening at home with weights and of course walking. I suppose in many cases one can get by with walking after THR and be okay. You had some complications and I'm also wondering if you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis? Anyway, I'd sure insist on more follow-up with your surgeon with a referral to PT as it seems some guided coaching would be best. In my experience, you just have to keep asking and insisting. I just don't know why some physicians/surgeons resist the referral to PT for THR. I'm wishing you all the best.

Fri, Apr 10 10:26pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

I'm going to write here about our good friend who has Cholangiocarcinoma and has been treated at UC San Francisco and Mayo. He needs frequent (every 5 weeks) stent replacements with ERCP and UC San Francisco has been slow to schedule. He will be going to Mayo in Rochester next week for this which he and we hope will be one of the last ERCP before his liver transplant. He is on the transplant list at Mayo. Mayo has not cancelled or delayed any treatments for him. I am frightened for him because he must travel to Mayo in Rochester. But, quite honestly, the alternative of no travel, thus no treatment is worse. We are encouraged by Mayo's responsiveness to him.

Thu, Mar 19 4:06pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

@lisamb Thank you for your post. Did you receive your care and your transplant at Mayo Clinic? It appears that you were transplanted in 2019-is that correct? How are you feeling? Are you self-isolating and what to do you do care for yourself? Anything you'd like to share about your journey would be most appreciated as I try to support our close friend with cholangiocarcinoma who is on the transplant list at Mayo-Rochester. Blessings to you.

Tue, Mar 17 9:44am · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

@almula I am grateful that you are doing well with your transplant. 20,000 transplants at Mayo Rochester? No wonder our friend's medical team at UC San Francisco sent him to Mayo.

Tue, Mar 17 8:16am · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

I am not a transplant recipient, but one of our closest friends is on the liver transplant list at Mayo in Minnesota. He has cholangiocarcinoma (malignant tumor in the liver) and has been through so much over the past year. The tumor is stable, no change, and no mets. He will stay in Rochester as he awaits the transplant. I am writing this because I pray for him and his wife every day. He spent his professional life as a neonatologist and I think of all the babies he saved and families he worked with over the years. I know he is in self-isolation at home right now until he flies to Minnesota again. Every one of you or your loved ones, as transplant recipients, must be more vigilant. No one of you is overdoing it. Not at all. It's a blessing that you can all provide validation to one another here on Mayo Connect.

Tue, Mar 17 7:59am · Total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

@peggym I have osteoarthritis in my back. However, my hip pain got worse over the period of a year to the point where my sleep was interrupted by the pain. No surgery was recommended for my back so that was not an option. I figured my hip pain would just get worse over time, so I had a Left Total Hip Replacement at Mayo in November, 2019. My orthopedic surgeon told me that the hip replacement would not change the back pain. As my. hip surgery continues to heal, I have some days where my back and hip hurt more than others. I did not have groin pain, though, prior to the hip surgery. What does your surgeon say about that? Do you want to get a second opinion? You are a good judge of your pain and you know where the pain occurs most often and when. I would want someone to provide a thorough assessment of my mechanics – back and hip – before making the decision. I wish you all the best as you work with your orthopedic to figure this out.

Tue, Mar 3 7:02pm · Strengthening exercises after total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

Thank you, John. The Vancouver Coastal Health Guide has far more information than anything I've seen. This will be helpful. And for what it's worth, I'm getting into that old girl age (I'm 68) so I don't lift like I used to.