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22 hours ago · Panitumumab and antioxidents or cannabinoids in Colorectal Cancer

Anyone ever been on panitumumab? I have the basic I do sheet on it, but can'take seem to find out anywhere about diet. Wondering if any mentors are familiar with it?

3 days ago · Panitumumab and antioxidents or cannabinoids in Colorectal Cancer

actually, I meant to say I have Stage 4, not stage 3 CRC.

3 days ago · Panitumumab and antioxidents or cannabinoids in Colorectal Cancer

My previous treatment of oxaliplatin, bevacizumab and flourocil for stage 3 CRC has stopped working and now I am being given panitumumab alone. My previous oncologist said I should not be taking antioxidents with bevacizumab, but this one (a few of them alternate at my hospital), didn't seem to know anything about whether antioxidents or cannabinoids would interfere with panitumumab. Does anyone know anything about this?

Sun, Sep 22 12:04pm · Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in Women's Health

While I had my periods, they were usually preceded by both cranky, blue and achy PMS and downright crazy, life-has-no-meaning PMDD. Needless to say, I couldn't wait for menopause. However, my peri-menopausal years were not easy. I had memory problems and often lost my train of thought, which made my job as a lecturer difficult. I also had extremely heavy periods, and, as you describe, Olivia, migraines,not something I had experienced before. As they say, this too will pass, and it did, but not without anti-depressants and sleeping aids. Sleep hygiene did not work for me. In fact it made me so neurotic that I had to go through a professional sleep expert to undo some of the prescribed "habits" and often couldn't sleep unless the light was on. We're all different, of course, and you'll have to find what works for you, but it IS a difficult time that does get better.

Sat, Jul 27 7:19pm · immunology and CBD in Colorectal Cancer

Thanks so much for the responses. It looks like it's best not to combine the two until we know more.

Thu, Jul 25 5:51pm · immunology and CBD in Colorectal Cancer

I have read that CBD (cannabis oil) can interfere with immunology. I am currently on bevacizumab (Avastin) and wonder if there are indications that CBD can interfere?