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Jul 24, 2019 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi, I have had 2 knee replacements one back in 1992, another 1996. I have had 24 knee operations due to football. 6 or 7 were scopes. When I had my first knee replacement I Tons of scar tissue like you went to PT and did nothing to remove scar tissue. Both my knees had a full range of motion. Had 2nd Knee replacement same problem. I had shoulder surgery Doc tried to do manipulation on both my knees while I was out for my shoulder surgery. He could not get them to move at all. Both knees are almost completely frozen now with 10 deg range of motion. My scar tissue just grows so fast. I'm in a lot of pain due to my scar tissue. Knee replacements are solid and are not lose. I tried to get into to see many doctors and they would not touch my knees. It really sucks.!!!!!!!!!!!!