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Aug 4, 2019 · Best diet for Celiac recovery, aside from being gluten-free in Digestive Health

Thanks so much for your reply and all the resources you linked.

They ran an acylcarnitine profile and all was normal, so I'm not worried about the MCAD / MCT thing anymore, but her oral diet is still an issue. Wednesday she was served eggs twice as well as a grilled cheese sandwich. She then had yellow diarrhea and vomited twice the next day and threw up her NG tube both times. Since she's on an acid blocker, they have to x-ray to confirm NG tube placement; they decided not to re-insert the tube because of this. Aside form fat malabsorption being an issue, her arachidonic acid intake is incredibly high and I don't think Osmolite has DHA. I suspect excess prostaglandin (E2 or F2a) is involved in her nausea/vomiting; her symptoms are usually worse in the late luteal phase of her menstrual cycle – which she is now in. Monday and Tuesday last week were good days; she had been served what i would consider to be a healthful vegetarian diet – black beans, sweet potatoes, tofu (though rather high fiber for someone with intestinal damage). She did not vomit those days.

I finally consented to Remeron being added to her already long list of meds. I am scared, but I don't think there are any alternatives. You can't get medical marijuana in this state except for epilepsy, and even then, I don't think any hospital in the US can offer it.

I would love a 2nd opinion (and a different dietician!). I believe her Celiac diagnosis is correct and I'm certain that her eating disorder diagnosis is wrong. I suspect there may be some other factor that causes her Celiac symtoms to be atypical (though I understand that Celiac symptoms are highly variable). I don't know how to go about getting a second opinion, though.

Aug 2, 2019 · Tips to Avoid Cross-Contamination in Gluten-Free Foods in Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

How about canned beans? Instructions for dry beans are to pick over them carefully and rinse them thoroughly. I don't know if canned beans are typically prepared that carefully. Are there any GF canned bean brands?

Jul 24, 2019 · Best diet for Celiac recovery, aside from being gluten-free in Digestive Health

What is the best diet for recovery from the intestinal damage induced by Celiac, aside from being gluten free? My daughter is currently hospitalized due to severe weight loss from vomiting. They assumed she had an eating disorder, despite the fact that she was not inducing the vomiting. After blood tests indicated possible Celiac, she had an upper endoscopy (just yesterday) and the Dr said 'it looks like Celiac' – I'm assuming he means he saw enteropathy. Meanwhile the dietician on the eating disorders unit is still treating this like an eating disorder, except for eliminating gluten, she is still feeding my daughter a lot of very high fat foods (e.g., a 3 egg omelette after fasting) despite the fact that my daughter throws them up. She seems much better on high carbohydrate foods. She's on a feeding tube and she has lost weight since being admitted. I suspect she may have some mitochondrial dysfunction which is contributing to her problems. Her vomiting episodes seem worse after fasting for procedures. I'm a carrier for MCAD deficiency and partially symptomatic {lethargy and hypoglycemia; I'm much better now that I avoid MCTs and take CoQ10 (as MitoQ) and PQQ}. The doctors have so far ignored my concerns re: high fat foods and MCTs. I don't know my daughter's genetic status; she has not been tested.

So – aside from the obvious need to eliminate gluten – are there any other dietary recommendations for people with intestinal damage from Celiac? If anyone has any links to published recommendations I would much appreciate it.