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Mon, Oct 21 3:51pm · In shock after MAC diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi, everyone. I have a question. I have nodular MAC disease and my only symptoms are shortness of
breath and fatigue. I walk two miles every morning and am 86. That said, I have bad allergies. And I
get nasal congestion, debilitating fatigue…even chills and aches. I am wondering if an allergy attack
can trigger MAC symptoms? Thank you and best to you all. Elizabeth

Fri, Sep 27 6:53pm · Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Dear Kate, After doing a lot of research and looking the the specific side effects of my inhaler, I have
decidedI am being ridiculous. I will use the inhaler and the spirometer. With both, of course, I will
soon be perfect. Love to your kitties. Elizabeth

Fri, Sep 27 3:37pm · Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I hope this is the right way to post this.Anyway, I saw my pulmonologist yesterday. I really really like him. He told me my nodules had mildly improved which he had told me before.
He said MAC never goes away. That's what he thinks, Kate. He says MAC progresses very
slowly. I am doing well…85, walking two miles a day, short of breath and fatigue but
that's it. If I get sick with the chills, fever, weight loss, etc., he would refer me to a
infectious disease doctor. He suggested a breathing rehab clinic his practice has but I
declined. He then gave me an inhaler to be used once a day. But when I got home
and looked up the side effects it can cause glaucumo. So being the smart ass/bad
Scot/Irish patient that I am, I am not going to use it. I ordered a spirometer instead. Thank you
so much for that tip Kate. I will use it diligently. I will also get NAC.
My doctor and I laughed a lot and I return in two months. But honesty I think my
sympathy plays are not going to work much anymore. I am doing great and I
wish that for all of you. Elizabeth

Fri, Sep 27 3:29pm · Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi, Alleycatkate and Windwalker and everyone else.

Wed, Sep 25 9:58am · Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thank you so much, Windwalker. That is a big help.

Wed, Sep 25 9:43am · Pneumococcal Vaccinations against pneumonia in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi, Kate. I don't know if you remember me. I am the one with the fruity kitty, Apple.
As I previously stated I am 85 and have nodular MAC. The nodular part just
reared its ugly head a year ago. I have no symptoms except shortness of breath and tiredness. The last time I got on this site
I said I was to have another cat scan in six months. Well, I had it and the nodules had
mildly improved. My shortness of breath has seemed to have gotten worse in the last year. I see my doctor tomorrow. As stated before I would not take the
big 3 or the arkacye (sp) because I refuse to endanger my sight and hearing.
Before I see my doctor, I would like to ask how you cured your MAC and also
if there is anyone out there who has been successful with alternative routes or
other antibiotics with no scary side effects. I still walk two miles a day but
frequently go to bed after that. Also, did you have a suspect ability test?

Mon, Jul 29 5:03pm · MAC nodules in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I am not coughing up anything. I live in Houston (I am really a Californian but that's another story.). I have just gotten pretty short of breath and
tired. Maybe the nodules haven't grown since 6 months ago. I hope I don't have to have the bronchoscope thing. The funny thing is my
mother was the first person ever to be bronchoscopes in the early forties. She had tb and it saved her life. They put some sort of heat
eight into lungs. At least that's how I remember it. She was in a sanitarium for three years.
I will let you know what happens after my upcoming cat scan (and I know about having too many of them). Thank you for your advice. I value
your counsel. Bibes

Mon, Jul 29 4:49pm · Losing weight due to MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thank you so much. Bibes