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Mon, Aug 26 2:32pm · How long have you been sober? in Addiction & Recovery

Thank you for responding. Yes, I'm receiving oral Chemo (Ibrance) and other meds for my bones….cancer spread. I am living life like nothing changed; very little to no pain. I am one of the fortunate ones, at least at this point. Another reason not to drink.

Mon, Aug 26 7:33am · How long have you been sober? in Addiction & Recovery

I took my last drink April 6th, one week after being told I had cancer.

Fri, Aug 16 5:09pm · Ca 27.29 consistently high...in the 40’s in Breast Cancer

Sandy, I didn't have the marker #s back when I met with him. I'll see him Sept 9 after I have CT's done to check my mets and a new set of complete blood tests and tumor markers. Hopefully the numbers reduce in the 3rd month but I'm patient. You take care and have a nice weekend.

Wed, Aug 14 1:15pm · Metastatic breast cancer, in bones: Trouble eating in Breast Cancer

baby, being new to all of this I am at a disadvantage to others who offer advice. I had a discussion with my onc last friday about my sugar consumption and we spoke about the myths out there about starving the cancers. I changed my unhealthy diet moderately when diagnosed; started drinking protein drinks to get all my vitamins and minerals and started eating 3 square meals instead of just when I was hungry. My onc told me that denying your body the proteins and sugars it needs means the "monster" (who he described as being at the top of the food chain) gets first go at what is there and will gobble up everything healthy leaving only scraps for the rest of your body to survive and rebuild on. If your body doesn't have enough of those good things to begin with because you are doing without then the "monster" has to eat into healthy tissue making things worse. I get scared when I hear people cutting out all of what they think is bad. Just my opinion. I hope whatever it is you do it improves your health.

Tue, Aug 13 1:29pm · Ca 27.29 consistently high...in the 40’s in Breast Cancer

So it sounds like people's numbers bounce around and no two people seem to have the same starting point or "normal". I got my test results back from last week and my CA 15-3 went from 58 to 71, but my 27-29 went down from 88 to 84.6. Being that these are small numbers either way they go, and the fact i've only been treated since June I'd like to think it's positive news. Anyone?

Fri, Aug 9 8:13am · Ca 27.29 consistently high...in the 40’s in Breast Cancer

In my 3rd month of Ibrance/Letrozole and having blood work today as a matter of fact. My baseline #'s in May (prior to start) were 58.1 on the CA-15-3 and 88.0 on the 27-29. Curious to see where they are at now. I will most likely be right back out hear with questions this afternoon. Have a great day everyone.

Sat, Jul 27 3:39pm · Metastatic breast cancer, in bones: Trouble eating in Breast Cancer

I pray so much for you and your husband. Maybe once you have weaned off the Marijuana your appetite might improve? One can only hope. There's not much I can tell you that you probably don't already know. Try to enjoy the simple pleasures and the time you and your husband have together. Bless you dear lady.

Sat, Jul 27 8:25am · Questions about Hormone Blockers: Side Effects? in Breast Cancer

Good morning fg. My bone mets were found when they did a bone scan. First identified as possibly normal stress fracture in my left leg as I had a pretty severe fall with my dog (on ice) a few yrs. back. Also similar looking injury to my upper arm on the scan. They then did a PET Scan to look into areas of interest along my spine and such and they "lit up" on the film as they do when it's cancer. I honestly thought all along they were just old injuries and wrote off the aches. Now I have to be careful what I do that I don't take a fall. That I guess is the reason to get Xgeva shots with the Letrozole since Letrozole I guess weakens the bones. I'm still learning all of this stuff so bare with me. Thanks for your well wishes. I'm doing pretty good and can only hope it stays this way for a long while…..and you as well.