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Nov 20, 2019 · Meditation For Anxiety in Mental Health

I have been meditating daily for almost three years now. For me, bedtime is the best time. At first, I did five minutes, then ten minutes and am up to an hour now. I wear a watch that has an hourglass setting on it and every half hour, I set it to relax and do deep breathing for two minutes. Between daily meditation and mindfully breathing throughout the day, I've found a new calm for myself. I would encourage anyone to try it. Our grandchildren are learning this too in their PE classes at school! Mayo Clinic is awesome, they completely changed the course of my life for the better with their diagnosis.

Sep 30, 2019 · I cant remember my panic attacks in Mental Health

Hi @flamecharley. I have found that keeping a daily journal is helpful to me. When I have a panic attack or backflash I write it down and then try to remember what was happening five minutes prior to it. My Psychologist advised me to do this. Our regular weekly sessions are very helpful. Have you shared this information with a Doctor? Take good care of you.

Jul 14, 2019 · Mouth Taping in Sleep Health

I prefer using my CPAP.

Jul 13, 2019 · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Hello, Vicki. I also have Complex Trauma/PTSD/Clinical Depression/Insomnia from 18 years of abuse as a child. I am 65 now. When I was 64 I came to Mayo Clinic for a diagnosis thinking I might have Parkinson's Disease. The right side of my body was in almost constant tremors from slight to extreme, my head was bobbing yes, yes, yes. After two years I'd finally gotten into a Neurologist in my area who diagnosed me with essential tremors.
The Neurologists at Mayo did a full workup and four days of tests later, the wonderful, Dr. Ali showed me my test results. She said I have what is called "Conversion Tremors". It is a fascinating diagnosis and it filled me with hope just knowing it was not PD. My Neurologist here at home went over my results with me from Mayo and referred me to a Psychologist who specializes in the area of Complex trauma/PTSD. He agreed to accept my case if I agreed to weekly appointments, with the understanding that this could take years. One year in Vicki, my life has completely changed for the better. I now have a PSychiatric Service Dog who has changed my life. There is hope out there, Vicki. I'm not "cured" but have made significant progress that is noticeable to myself and my husband says it's a huge difference he sees. I have had decades of Psychiatric/Psychological treatments Vicki, finding one who specializes in this area of trauma is going to make all the difference in the world. Sending you healing energy.
I also wanted to add, that when my parents died twenty-two years ago three months apart I knew they were at peace and could no longer hurt anyone or themselves again. I found a deep peace knowing that.

Jul 3, 2019 · Functional Neurological Disorder in Brain & Nervous System

I called Mayo, sent them an email registration form and within three days had an appointment at Mayo Rochester. We are only three and a half hours drive from them so it's the closest for us. I was so impressed with the patient care, team approach to care, the volunteers were amazingly helpful and they are easy to find because there are so many of them. It took me almost two and a half YEARS to get into a Neurologist in the Quad Cities area where we live. Mayo certainly went above and beyond for me!

Jul 2, 2019 · Functional Neurological Disorder in Brain & Nervous System

I was diagnosed with Functional Tremors/Conversion Disorder last summer at Mayo, Rochester. We had already begun training a Standard Poodle as a Service Dog for me which was a huge blessing. training Beau (Beau Geste) kept me busy and took my mind off what was happening in my therapy. Weekly appointments with a Psychologist who specializes in Complex trauma/Complex PTSD. At 64 years old a lot of things began to make sense for me. I'm 65 now and fully committed to doing the work necessary to help myself. Beau can alert me before I have an episode and applies compression pressure with his 60 pounds of smart, loving, care. I am amazed by how smart he is and what a great job he does for me, lots of classes in obedience for socialization (we live in the boonies). With Beau, I can enjoy things I had not felt comfortable with before, like going out shopping, social situations, crowds are tough for me. My Psychiatrist is brilliant and has been practicing for over 40 years. I am grateful for Mayo going over everything to make an accurate diagnosis. I am currently feeling like I'm on the road to learning who I grew to be, adventure, courage, love of self.