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2 days ago · Netflix series! in Neuropathy

Agreed – it's an awesome show! The first episode made me cry.

Thu, Aug 15 4:56am · Gender pronouns in Mental Health

@gingerw good morning to you and thank you for sharing this! I think it's only a benefit to see allies like you who outwardly express openness and interest in making an effort. Your two cents are valued and appreciated.

@georgette12 I completely agree that this problem requires education, because mainstream culture has thought of gender and sex to be the same thing, and for there to be only two genders/sexes that are determined by our biology! Thanks so much for sharing the work you've done in advocacy programs and your process in coming to understanding.

The way that those in the community now talk about pronouns is discussing them as 'personal gender pronouns' or 'my pronouns' nowadays so as to indicate that gender isn't a preference but an identity. I say this so others who may join this thread can feel safe and welcomed regardless of what words we use 🙂

I think attitudes differ among people in the trans community with regard to society accepting pronouns. I am curious to hear others' thoughts on this. I am both optimistic and pessimistic. It makes me happy to hear cis people (those who identify with the gender assigned to them at birth) asking about people's pronouns and also space being made for trans/non-binary people in the media.

Tagging @strawberry500 and @notaround in case y'all have thoughts to share 🙂

Wed, Aug 14 3:49am · Gender pronouns in Mental Health

It can be really tough to tell people your gender pronouns when you have anxiety and depression. Does anyone else have experiences with this?

Sun, Aug 11 3:01am · I want sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) done in About Kids & Teens

Hey @strawberry500. Just wanted to check in to see how you're doing today.

Tue, Aug 6 6:16am · LGBT / LGBTQI+ Friendly Medical Care in Just Want to Talk

CW: Sexual assault


Hi, I'm Ayesha. I wanted to prompt a conversation around LGBTQI+ friendly medical care. It's common in the LGBTQI+ community to experience discrimination during medical visits, and this can prevent LGBTQI+ people and their families from being able to access the care/check-ups they need.

Discrimination for LGBTQI+ people can include the health care provider (HCP) refusing to see the LGBTQI+ person due to their orientation/identity, the HCP intentionally misgendering the LGBTQI+ patient, the HCP sexually abusing the LGBTQI+ person, and more.

There can be unfortunate consequences of these instances of discrimination, the most obvious of which is that LGBTQI+ patients are deterred from seeking medical care in the first place. From the Center For American Progress:

"…8 percent of all LGBTQ people—and 14 percent of those who had experienced discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity in the past year—avoided or postponed needed medical care because of disrespect or discrimination from health care staff. Among transgender people, 22 percent reported such avoidance. With regard to preventative screenings, 7 percent of LGBTQ respondents reported avoiding or postponing care in the year prior to the survey, while 17 percent of LGBTQ respondents who had experienced discrimination that year and 19 percent of transgender people reporting avoidance during that period."

Does anyone in the LGBTQI+ community have anything to share (experiences/comments/concerns/frustrations/rants) regarding discrimination in health care settings?

Sat, Jul 20 9:28am · LGTB Caregivers in Caregivers

@IndianaScott Thank you. I appreciate your personal reflections on the experiences of those who are close to you. We tend to have more empathy and understanding when we have loved ones who experience discrimination or antagonism.

Sat, Jul 20 6:55am · LGTB Caregivers in Caregivers

@colleenyoung I have just opted to telling the truth about my identity and my experiences. But, unfortunately, this isn't always met with the best responses. I've encountered individuals who have had more negative responses than I, and they seem to distrust the medical space more and more as a result. What has come of that has been alternative spaces for healing, or institutions that are reputably more understanding to the needs to LGBTQI+ people like Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in New York for an example, which tailors its services to LGBTQI+ people.

Thu, Jul 18 2:47pm · I want sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) done in About Kids & Teens

Hi @strawberry500. Speaking as someone who has experienced dysphoria and knows many others who have and do as well, I can say you're definitely not alone in what you're feeling. I'm wondering if you found the Mayo Clinic resources helpful or if you are looking to talk a little more about feeling like you desperately want to physically transition. Everyone's experience is different, as well as whether they choose to go forward with surgery or not. Please feel welcome to message me privately, or we can continue here so maybe other people with similar experiences can join in and discuss too. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂 Thanks so much for coming here and sharing.