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Sat, Jul 6 12:45pm · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

Jeff did you do a radiation series followup to your surgery? I had a synovial sarcoma in my jaw. Danial Price and Eric Moore did the surgery and reconstruction and I came out with clear margins. Radiation has been suggested as a followup for insurance and I’m debating the pros and cons. I’m 78 now.

Sun, Jun 30 8:54pm · radiation following surgery- proton vs conventional treatment in Cancer

I seem to be recovering well. The swelling in my face is receding, the leg is healing, and I’m feeling better daily. The drs gave me minimal info on the proton treatment other than that it would further reduce the probability of recurrence and that I should expect “quality of life” side effects with time. I had conventional radiation treatments in 2012 for pharyngeal cancer so have already been down that road. I have significant damage to my cervical spine, extensive nerve and muscle damage in my neck and upper torso, and impaired swallowing (I have a peg tube for nutrition). This most recent cancer may result from that earlier treatment. That has made me hesitant to proceed.

Sun, Jun 30 6:19am · radiation following surgery- proton vs conventional treatment in Cancer

I just completed a mandibulectomy and free flap reconstruction for a synovial sarcoma. Went well with clear margins. Have the option for followup treatment with proton radiation. I had conventional radiation treatment (2012) for pharyngeal cancer with significant long term aftereffects. I’m 78. I’m interested in other’s experience with the proton version.

Thu, Jun 27 10:34pm · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

I had pharyngeal cancer in 2012. Surgery,chemo, and radiation. Now this new tumor in the same area and extending into my jaw. My surgery to remove the tumor seems to have gone really well. Now they suggest a 6 week followup course of radiation (proton) to boost the probability of no recurrence. I’m 78, widowed, already somewhat limited by aftereffects of the earlier treatments. I’m trying to balance the additional insurance against recurrence against the reduced quality of remaining life associated with another radiation series. It’s a guessing game I know but I’m leaning toward foregoing the radiation in favor of making the best I can of time remaining.

Thu, Jun 27 5:20pm · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

synovial sarcoma – right jaw