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Wed, Mar 4 6:46pm · ear pain and intermittent throat pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I've seen every kind of dr and then some…..
I posted a few pics that are 3D images from one of my CT scans. Definitely, reason for my pain and other symptoms.

Wed, Mar 4 6:41pm · ear pain and intermittent throat pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

To avoid confusion….. on 3D images you can remove certain parts so it gives you a better view of what you want to see. Think of it like taking an eraser to a picture to see what's behind smthg…. So parts of my jaw, teeth, ect are removed from the images to get a better view of the styloids.
Hope it's helpful.

Wed, Mar 4 6:37pm · ear pain and intermittent throat pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I sent you a msg but cldnt attach pics… so I put them here:)

Fri, Feb 21 1:13pm · ear pain and intermittent throat pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@merpreb The right dr's are ANY dr's that even know what Eagle's Syndrome is and with any luck, have actually treated it.
Because of its rarity, it's extremely difficult to find help:(

Wed, Feb 19 1:58pm · ear pain and intermittent throat pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@amandabanana80 Hi,
I have a very similar story other than the thyroid nodule and I was never a smoker….
After yrs of no answers for anything, I was finally diagnosed with Eagle's Syndrome and Trigemanal Neuralgia.
Unfortunately, the ES is often missed in imaging. The majority of dr's are very unfamiliar with it or simply dismiss it as not being a real issue.
There's an Eagle's Syndrome group on here that you may find helpful.
Continue to be an advocate for yourself! You know how you feel and that your pain is real!
I'm sorry dr's keep pushing antibiotics on you without a known infection being the cause. That isn't helping anything:(
Definitely check out info on Eagle's Syndrome, all of your symptoms are very fitting. And your random, stabbing ear pain cld certainly be an irritated nerve.
I describe mine as being stabbed by an ice pik in the ear, face and eye. And I feel like I have a never ending case of strep throat but it's all mostly on the right side.
The majority of ENTs give the "oh, it's just acid reflux" and want you to take pepcid or zantac. It's a very frustrating journey but there has to be help somewhere with the right dr's.
Good Luck!

Mon, Jan 27 8:07pm · Mystery Illness: Mastoiditis or something else? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Hi @camapp1,
After reading your description of your headaches, and the fact that the Imitrex helps, I have to wonder how you haven't been diagnosed with migraines.
Have you ever been told you cld be having residual headaches from what a lot of dr's consider overuse of the otc meds? I've heard that one for years but it doesn't matter if I go for days and days taking nothing. I don't take anything more than 1x or 2x a day but I have kidney issues so I'm trying to spare them.
Just a thought…. I have my misc med combo I take and mix up like yourself…. the excedrin, advil, aleeve, arthritis strength tylenol, benedryl, diclofenac, ect…. I really try to stay away from the excedrin at night because of the caffeine and just take tylenol.
Ice packs on the base of your skull might be helpful too. I also use peppermint oil across the base of my skull and down the back of my neck… like either side of my spine.

Dry needling (sort of an acupuncture thing but definitely different) gives me more relief than any meds. Really helps loosen up muscles and interferes with pain signals.
I found someone that was certified to "needle" the muscles involved with TMJ… (It's another certification than the basic dry needling) With that they can needle around your ear, cheek, lower jaw and neck… AMAZING relief!!!
A physical therapist or sometimes acupuncture clinics have practitioners that are trained in this.
Hope you find relief soon!!!

Sun, Jan 26 12:27pm · Mystery Illness: Mastoiditis or something else? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@camapp1, I've taken all these meds, history of migraines…. Just a thought, and I'm asking from experience…. if you use any type of gas heat, is there the possibility of CO poisoning? I learned the hard way that the amount of CO concentration it takes for most detectors to go off is far beyond what is safe. Low levels of CO on an everyday sort of basis can do terrible things to a person. Extreme headaches with not really any relief is one of them.
Also, with the fact of finding fluid in/around the mastoid, I'm surprised no antibiotics were prescribed. And unless you have a history of migraines, Imitrex isn't going to help and propranolol can cause fluid retention…..
I also have a condition called Eagle Syndrome. It's missed by dr's more than It's found because of the rarity of the condition. Make sure your CT doesn't show any styloid elongation or calcification in any ligaments.
As far as your current situation, a chiropractor or massage therapist may be able to alleviate the headaches to a more tolerable level while you await your next appt.
I literally feel your pain, it's been my life for yrs:(

Nov 22, 2019 · Whats up with my gut in Digestive Health

Hi @januaryjane
I just posted a story about C Diff a couple of hrs ago.
Your symptoms sound all too familiar! If you haven't heard of it, C Diff is a miserable gut infection usually caused by antibiotics killing off too much good gut bacteria. A stool sample test can check for it. This does not get better by itself and be careful with dehydration from having diarrhea.
Go back to the dr if you aren't feeling better real soon or any of this gets worse!!!
Take care:)