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2 days ago · Inflammation, face gets hot and red in Autoimmune Diseases

I started having "face flares" around 2 yrs ago. My cheek(s) and/or ear(s) get beat red, hot to the touch, and swell. I got tested up and down, no not lupus, not anything they could pin down. I finally saw an infectious disease dr who blamed this inflammation on recurring ebstein barr virus.
Anyway, no one has really helped me out with this and im having attacks daily. My hands and feet will sometimes do the same. I feel like im on fire.
Im concerned about all the ibuprofen im taking, though im taking under daily max.
I watch my diet to avoid as much inflammation as possible. Does anyone have any insight to what could be happening?

Yours truly, Miserably sick

4 days ago · Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick in Digestive Health

Thank you. But i havent been fortunate enough to find support. I look to connect all the time but it is very difficult where i live. NAMI doesnt have anything in my area, that leaves AA and church groups, many i tried. I dont have a big or close family. My mom does support me though, a chaotic relationship it is though.

4 days ago · Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick in Digestive Health

I am home. The surgery would be a colon surgery to remove part or all of my colon because of my persistent and worsening CIC. Yes, i see a therapist and a psychiatrist, have before all this. Glad you got relief, what types of autoimmune troubles do you and your daughter have? I am on disability, have been for maybe 3 years. Before i got diagnosed i moved out to low income housing and wanted to go back to school or at least work. I wasnt going to be reliable so i volunteered instead. Im glad i did that but my health wasnt getting better, depression got bad so came back home.

4 days ago · Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick in Digestive Health

Im getting burnt out on dealing everyday. On not knowing whats next in my care, or if i will ever have a more normal life again. Im either sad, sick or both. Usually both. They feed into eachother. Im just tired, i hate my birthday. Another year rolls around and i still have no solutions, other than a 7th opinion and option of surgery. Im feeling of losing fight. My life has become so limited.

Its a sloppy shuffle going through this. Not sure how ill end up winning

Sun, Jan 19 11:34am · Feedback on Linzess for Irritable Bowel-C or Chronic Constipation in Digestive Health

Hi, Im on a last run of pills for my cic. Just got approved for Motegrity. Anyone here familiar with this medicine?

Sun, Jan 12 11:20am · Family trip gone bad: Dad overused his anxiety med in Addiction & Recovery

Just had back a bumpy trip with parents, got a nasty virus and then had discussion with my dr about my continual problem and maybe needing surgery.

Im in no mood.

Actually, i feel so defeated when it comes to my father. He is extremely selfish, doesnt put any effort into our relationship, and just expects me to talk when he wants to talk, which is usually never, but hes had time off work lately.
It just brings back bad memories, and not feeling important enough. I dunno if i had the chance to have kids, id want to know them. But i guess i havent learned to stop wanting from a Narcissist. Hes my dad though, i guess ill always want that relationship. Just makes me mad, turn away.

Its worse that i live in the same house, believe me, id take another option if i could.

It still surprises me how small i feel here, like im still a kid. Im working hard on boundaries and reactions. I am a great person and responsible adult, but my role has remained the same in their eyes. Do Not Speak. I am not validated as they say but i drop things, a protest will be meaningless, and im tired and already hate my life.
Im learning to communicate enough to get point across, if need be, and walk away. In an abusive family like mine, took me too long to learn, ill never win.

So, the plan was to focus on me, my health, my sanity, my life. Some days are so much harder.
I think my birthday is triggering it, the possible surgery. I want my dad to care, to show something.
No support. Only worried about him.
I feel worthless when i shouldnt. And thats normal, in my situation. But it is an add on to add ons. Something i have to work at everyday. Watch my self esteem shatter, then build myself up again.

In the end I really have no one to depend on but me. Advocating for yourself is hard but worth it. And it seems like a never-ending feat to find good support.

Im here, in the trenches with you.

Mon, Jan 6 12:29am · Flares and advice in Neuropathy

Does neuropathy usually flare when you get sick? All of the sudden my numbness has come back in my foot. Im fairly new to foot neuropathy. I also have tingling and pain at times. I have a chunk of my foot that just feels dead, weirdest feeling, normal looking, goes away and returns.
Is this enough concern to bother a rheum?