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Jul 21, 2019 · What's One Thing You'd Change in Getting Hearing Aids? in Hearing Loss

So sorry you had a bad time with Doctors. I just had the implant on my right side for my hearing aid. Before they did the implant they put the hearing aid on the back of my head and wow I was able to hear really great from my right ear. So I'm looking forward in having the left side done next month. I've had bad hearing since I was 5 I'm now 61 and I'm happy as a kid with a lollypop. I went to the mayo Clinic in Jax FL and they are helping me greatly and they call the surgery BAHA and so I get my hearing aid 15 of August and second surgery Aug 26 , so my other hearing aid I'll get it in oct after I heal from surgery. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for recovery but that ok being able to hear will be great. I hope it turn out ok for you good luck it has helped me

Jul 20, 2019 · One or two hearing aids in Hearing Loss

I'm going to have both aids. I tried it with the one and had it on my left ear and was hearing from my right side but I want to have the implant put in
both sides. I have been losing my hearing every year for some time. But when I had the hearing aid put on my right side I was hearing things I couldn't believe. I will try both but if one will work ok then for a time I will use one. But I will have both them when it comes time to have to

Jul 14, 2019 · Can hearing loss be temporary? I had head surgery in Hearing Loss

Hi I have had hearing loss in my right ear scene I was 5. Over the years it got even worst. So I depended on my left ear, but I started losing hearing in that ear to. I got where I would keep away form my friends and family. So I went to a ENT here in Brunswick and he sent me to the ENT at Mayo. I have had 6 surgery's on my ears over the years and hearing loss got worst. But I had the BAHA surgery on my right ear done last month.
Now they strapped the hearing aid to the back of my head and for the first time in many years I was able to hear. It was the greatest thing to happen to me,
wow I'm now a happy man. Going to have the left ear done next month. The BAHA is helping me hear I hope it will help others. I hope your hear will return but if not you may want to check out the BAHA if your hear don't return. But check with an ENT and see if it can help you. Will pray

Jun 29, 2019 · Hearing really good with BAHA device in Hearing Loss

Hi I have had the the BAHA Device place on my right side of my head 4 weeks ago. I’m looking forward in 2 weeks to get my hearing aid and being able to hear from my right ear. At the age of 5 my ears have giving me trouble and started losing my hearing over the years. I have had 6 surgery’s on both of my ears. Over the years I would act like I heard people but I really didn’t. I would at times ask them to repeat what they said to me and many times people would hate to repeat themselves. I then became afraid, to ask people ( What did you say) because many would get upset in repeating. So I pretended I heard them. So I’m looking so forward in being able to hear good enough to hear people and many other things This is so great and I’m like a kid getting a candy bar for the first time. Will have my left side done in August having both side equal out and hearing really great. It will take time to adjust all this but looking so forward. I hope I can encourage others in having this done and being able to hear. Thanks for all the support I will get from here. But Thank God for the Mayo Clinic and the doctors here. More later all as my new life in hearing really good begins.