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Tue, Jun 25 12:32pm · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Anddddddddd furthermore MY PCP AGREED TO CALL THE RX IN WITHOUT ME MAKING AN OFFICE VISIT APPOINTMENT!!!!!!! IT HAS TO BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo ready for it to be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess everyone is different on what time of day you take an antidepressant? Morning? Night? I have no idea what to even expect! Is it normal to be THIS excited????????????????? LOL. I consider you all my new friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue, Jun 25 11:08am · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Good morning to you all. I've sent word to my PCP regarding my new decision to finally reach out and ask for Rx help with my life……something I haven't been open to until now. You all have been such an amazing help to me even in the short amount of time I've been in here. Far more than any therapy session in person! I confidentially reached out to a couple of very close trustworthy people in my circle and lo and behold was privately told by all of them they too had to reach out for Rx help and they ALL got straightened out and are finally able to enjoy life once again and RECOGNIZE their joy has been right in front of them the whole time they were just too mentally/physically disturbed to grab hold of it but now with a little help getting their brain functioning correctly again they are basically 100% renewed. I'm doubting my PCP of 40yrs will prescribe the antidepressant to me without an office visit simply to walk in, repeat my message to him, get the script and walk out and pay out of pocket expense for it but I'm hoping he will. I just visited him January 30, 2019 did completed labwork and ekg and everything of course was NORMAL as always which I'm grateful for but still felt and feel so horribly lousy. Am awaiting his response currently, and impatiently. Just wanted to thank you ALL again.

Mon, Jun 24 12:22pm · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Oh my Lord. kamama94. Reading your post made me gasp and I literally felt tears well up just reading your experiences. Much of what you describe is so similar to my own life. I've never suffered depression though I HAVE been depressed for short periods of times brought on by life circumstances. This time is different. You mentioned fibro. To ME, fibromyalgia is a new term the medical world developed when someone is in pain in all different areas of their bodies with no known diagnosis'. So it's name is fibro. I researched where it too comes along that list of clinical depression symptoms. I eat Advil most days for some area of pain and use CBD oil for internal inflammation control as well. I'm fairly desperate it sounds. I've reached out through my cardiologist and my PCP inquiring about Wellbutrin and/or Cymbalt both extended release. I have taken 0.5mg Xanax 3 x daily for more years than I even know. I just figure I will be on them forever so not concerned with going through withdrawals coming off of it although I'd be too afraid to TRY I would wonder if I could get by without Xanax if I started an SSRI. I took Prozac one time for about 3-5mo back in 2002 and although I did SUPER on it and it controlled my anxiety too so I didn't use Xanax but, I GAINED 30+LBS during that time as well, however it was during the time my Mother got sick too. Anyway. Just finding this online support group has already helped me more than any therapy session I went to. I think I am ready to at least attempt an RX and just see how it works for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your recap is heartbreaking and makes my recap seem so much less. I am so sorry for all you've endured.

Mon, Jun 24 11:11am · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Yes, therapy was ok. Perhaps I just wasn't fortunate enough to find THE right professionals I needed. One reason I joined this group! I had alot of things happen in a fairly short period of time; family issues, marital, illnesses, caregiving, deaths. I THOUGHT I was handling it all ok, realizing it was alot, but I've always been a strong character and strong in my faith in God. This last even happened during 2018 and ultimately ended in yet another death. I'm alone most of the time other than the weekdays while I'm at work. It's like my office and my house are my safe places and I reallyyyyy hate that part. Limits me terribly. Thank you for replying though. I'm going to reach out to my cardiologist and PCP to get their opinions; both are aware of all I've gone through and continue to go through.

Mon, Jun 24 10:18am · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Wow. I guess I hadn't thought of it like that. You could certainly be right. I think more than anything I am caught up in a panic disorder that literally comes on out of nowhere and when it does I'm literally paralyzed. And I mean from out of the most unexpected places and situations. Heart begins to race and I am literally frozen in fear. I do know that I cannot continue in the state I'm in though. Perhaps I will inquire with my doctor about one of the meds that controls both panic and depression but I cannot take one that causes weight gain! I did that once before and although I FELT better I literally gained 30lbs in less than 3mo and didn't see it coming. I've worked too hard to get the weight off and keeping it off. I think you might've just given me that lil nudge I've needed for too long about medication to help me. Thank you!

Mon, Jun 24 9:46am · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

I believe I am able to tie into when it started and the things that happened in a short period of time that actually kickstarted me into this spiral. I let it go far too long without doing anything about it. I'm super stuck now and it's gone on long enough that I've developed more and more of the Mayo's symptom list of clinical depression. It's a scary, sad place to be.

Mon, Jun 24 9:44am · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Yes I have spoken with my doctors however after researching going on antidepressants this late in life and the potential for it contributing or causing onset of dementia I'm just too fearful of them.

Fri, Jun 21 11:31am · Clinical Depression in Depression & Anxiety

I have all but a couple of symptoms listed under Clinical Depression. Due to my age, I'm not open to starting on an anti-depressant for help with it because of the statistics sighting possible cause of early dementia onset as an affect from the meds. I believe I do know what threw me INTO this state of being but since it is my family and my career there's not much I can do to remove the stress and causes. Hoping someone out there has some suggestions on how to deal and get my health and character back. I'm 61 and feel 91. I want to live … I want my joy back …