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Jun 17, 2019 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Everyone, Trying to take a proactive approach to my health after my brothers passing a month and a half ago at age 50, he smoked all his life and did not take care of himself, so I asked my doc about things I could do now he told me about this scan, it was only $75 so I did it got my results and now I am freaking out my score came back Total 831, Left Main 0, LAD 297, Left circumflex 346, RCA 188, Other 0, so my doc said I need to see a Cardiologist asap, I am in pretty good health active workout I am 51 years old, I started combing the net for answers, found this site, reading some of your post seeing other peoples scores and ages has me feeling a little better at least knowing I am not the only one out here, this is scary I am 6'3" 285 so not a small guy, my biggest question is what does all this mean, what can I do, and do any of the doctors from Mayo ever chime in? With advice or whatever, I dont know supposed to see the Cardiologist Thursday, if I make it, and one more thing has anyone ever stabilized or lower there score???