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Tue, Jun 23 9:37am · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

I had similar surgery (initial cancer was in my sigmoid colon and had partially attached to the cecum. I had initial surgery 5/6/19, and then another on 5/16/19 due to a leak at the anastomoses site. I had a wound vac for around 4-5 weeks and initially pain was rough. It takes months to feel better. But if you are having so much nausea I would contact your oncologist. Are you still doing chemo? I did chemo after surgery but only made it two rounds. Too much diarrhea and I wound up needing a surgery for an obstruction caused by adhesions. That was in August 2019. I developed a fistula in September and 19 and ultimately that led to a perforation requiring emergency surgery on 11/6/19. I developed sepsis and was on a ventilator for 9 days and in the hospital for 5 weeks. I was no food or liquid by mouth until end of December. I was on TPN while I healed from another Leak.
I had four prior abdominal surgeries (all open surgeries) prior to the sigmoid resection and it made healing more difficult. I had three inguinal her repairs and the mesh has been an issue with both my sigmoid resection and all other surgeries. I’m still not “normal” and have tons of gas and bloating when I eat. My tummy is still swollen and distended. I think it takes a long time to heal. I don’t feel like my surgeon really told me what to expect in the future. I think they just deal with the surgical aspect not long term. I hope you get some relief.

Mon, Jun 8 8:21pm · Major Health Anxiety: GI issues in Depression & Anxiety

You are so kind. Thank you so much! I’m hoping I’m on the uphill swing right now and that we keep going that way

Thu, May 28 1:34pm · Major Health Anxiety: GI issues in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you so much. Mayo Clinic really does think of everything. You will be in amazing hands there. I hope your surgery is a success and brings you relief. My husband had a four level cervical fusion in 2013, so I know recovery is challenging. Hopefully your husband can find a good balance.
I think the way I worded things came out incorrectly. My wanting to sleep all the time was definitely depression and not a need for sleep. He is my biggest advocate!

Wed, May 27 5:32pm · Major Health Anxiety: GI issues in Depression & Anxiety

I honestly went through a dark period in August when I had the obstruction. For some reason, that hospital stay was very traumatic for me, probably compounded by how awful I felt from the chemo. I remember wanting to lay in my hospital room with the lights off and just sleep, but my husband wouldn’t let me. When I came home, I felt defeated and very fragile. I think all of my feelings were tied to a feeling of being unable to be sure that my kids were physically and emotionally safe. They went to school thinking I was fine and then I was in the hospital and Daddy was in another state trying to,
get home. I rely on my strong faith to carry me. God really blessed me and I know that if I was meant to die, that would have been my time And I’m so blessed with a huge network of friends who stepped in. My husband is a rock (he’s also a firefighter) and I relied on him so much. I left all of the medical stuff to him, and he fought for me. I really did have a LOT go wrong (allergic reactions to multiple medicines, abscesses, etc) and he was always there to step in and make sure I didn’t fall through the cracks.
Spinal surgery is brutal. I’m glad you are able to have access through the back. Surgery is scary no matter what. I pray that yours will be a success and get you back to fully functioning

Wed, May 27 10:01am · Major Health Anxiety: GI issues in Depression & Anxiety

The anxiety can be debilitating. I found out in 4/19 that I had an obstructing tumor in my sigmoid colon. Prior to that I was an extremely fit and healthy 52 year old who ran 5 miles per day and did barre class daily. We started our family late so I have two young kids (10 and 12 at time of diagnosis). I am a stay at home
Parent and super involved. My surgery was anticipated to be mainly exploratory while also removing the obstruction. I met with the first surgeon and he wanted to remove my entire colon (I’ve had ulcerative colitis for over 25 years). I got a second opinion and then a third. Finally was accepted at MD Anderson and had my surgery which Was a 6 hour ordeal. The tumor had made my colon attach to my right ovary and tube and appendix and cecum. All removed and two resections done. I was supposed to be in for a week, but shortly after surgery developed complications (blood transfusion reaction, anastomatic leak requiring second surgery) abscesses and a blood clot. I finally went home (one year ago yesterday) and assumed I was on my wait to healing. I started chemo and barely finished two rounds. It wrecked my digestive system and then I developed a bowel obstruction due to adhesions. After a week of an NG tube and lots of testing, I needed a third surgery to get rid of adhesions. I developed multiple abscesses and was in the hospital for another three weeks. The obstruction happened while my husband was out of town and I was transported by ambulance during the day while my kids were at school. My kids were alone until my husband flew home that evening late. That put me over the top. The obstruction came in suddenly with no warning. And every worst case scenario happened to me. I developed horrible PTSD and literally sat in the hospital and cried. I didn’t want my kids to see me and thought I would never get back to normal. But I did somewhat. I did develop a fistula which they wouldn’t operate on because it had only been a month since obstruction surgery. I was in the road to recovery and then on November 6, I woke up in the middle of the night with horrific stomach pain. I was transported again and they discovered my bowel had perforated so I was whisked into surgery. I was starting to recover but then about 6 days in, my drainage tubes stopped producing. It was over a weekend so not much contact from doctor. Long story short, I turned septic and things went from bad to worse. I had to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. My body was failing and my husband brought the kids up to see me as requested by the doctors. By the Grace of God, I pulled through and after five long weeks I was released. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything by mouth for two months. I survived that and learned to walk and am now doing some running and walking five miles a day. BUT, a few months ago I started having constipation issues and also a bulge in my belly button. That turned out to be a hernia. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy on April 1 but it cancelled due to covid. I’m having one this Friday finally but have been having bright red blood and really can’t get anything out poop wise. I’m scared to death it’s another tumor. I told my husband I just don’t know if I have the mental strength to do it a fifth time. It’s so incredibly hard. The mental anxiety can get you down. I started taking my Xanax again and pray a lot. Prayer got me through my darkest moments.
Feel free to message me if I can be of support. I tell you my story only to show what is possible. I wouldn’t consider myself a strong person and definitely not a warrior

Sat, Apr 4 12:02pm · Hernia after colorectal cancer surgery: Anyone else? in Colorectal Cancer

I’ve read about c diff and it is a nightmare! We’ve all had our struggles and it’s just part of the process. My doctors, nurses and surgeons have been amazing!! I’m just thankful the sepsis didn’t happen during current times. I would be devastated without my kids and husband and sister. I never spent a single night alone!!

Sat, Apr 4 9:50am · Hernia after colorectal cancer surgery: Anyone else? in Colorectal Cancer

I was diagnosed in April2019, and had my first surgery on 5/6 (opensurgery), with a second one 10 days later due to an anastomotic leak. The second surgery left me with a wound vac for a month. I had a third surgery (laparoscopic) in 8/19 for an obstruction, developed a fistula in 9/19 and had a bowel perforation on 11:6/19 requiring another open surgery. I developed sepsis at that time and was in ICU for 10 days and hospitalized for 5 weeks. I’ve been recovering nicely but having a bulge near my belly button. I met with the surgeon yesterday and it is a hernia. He said it needs repaired but wants me to wait at least a year from last surgery. How common is this and what did you do to eliminate the discomfort? I’m an active person and like to workout