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Mon, Jun 8 8:14am · Why do we crave nicotine after a meal? in Addiction & Recovery

yes,, it makes sense…so I have , myself, just been reinforcing this after meal behavior. It just seems, that IF I could just break THIS particular time of using it,,, I could get a hold of it.

Sun, Jun 7 10:30pm · Why do we crave nicotine after a meal? in Addiction & Recovery

I know it is not just me,,, but seems like the strongest urge to use nicotine is after a meal… why is that? I think IF I could figure that out,, I may get a handle on this addiction. just a thought..??

Fri, Apr 3 6:09pm · To people with Graves' disease: Do you have eye issues? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have a question for people with Graves disease. I was wondering what your eye ‘feelings’ are like. I have been having issues with my eyes . It is mainly my right eye. My eyes did not get real big as I got on medication soon after being diagnosed and it is in ‘remission’ now. But, my right eye is still, well,,, it feels funny, can’t say it is actually pressure but is feels swollen a lot. When I went to the eye dr many months ago, she put me on Restasis 2x a day as I tested for dry eye. When I went to Mayo, they did a complete exam and said to continue with the drops. Nothing changes. Sometimes it will water and get irritated so I use other drops as was told to do during the day in between the Restasis treatments which are morning and night.

Was just wondering what others with Graves are going thru with their eyes.


Sun, Mar 15 9:59am · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

I too am bipolar. last 'summer' I went thru 6 months of DBT studying. I will start it again in a few months. It really helps reset your mind when you need it. I had to go to a different therapist that was actually trained in it. Sounds like your on top of activities!!! good job. !! !! I have to keep myself art busy in the winter. I HAVE to have 1-2 projects going at a time. Summer is easier for me as I can get outside in gardens and horses. But, when the mind wanders into 'bad' territory, I go back to the DBT information and work thru what ever it is that is on my mind. hope this helps.

Sun, Mar 8 11:39am · Any experience with rectocele? No one EVER talks about this! in Women's Health

Yes,, I had NO IDEA there was such a difference between the pills and the liquid… I think you will see a noted change when you switch.

Sun, Mar 8 10:12am · Any experience with rectocele? No one EVER talks about this! in Women's Health

i"m here! have the same thing. and do the same thing to evacuate my bowels… with the fingers…. I get to the point that if is doesn't come out when I"m on the toilet,, I get frustrated and just get up and leave.. figure it will eventually come out. My bad back is making it difficult to use the finger technique at times… so,,,, I just get off the toilet and wait till later. I visited Mayo and the Dr told me to increase my orange fiber drink to 2x a day and with more spoonfuls in each glass. ( and lots of water). This has helped when I remember to stay consistent with it. He did say that he would do the surgery IF this did not work. HE also said NOT to use the fiber pills as the amount of fiber actually in them is not enough. ( I did not know this). Look at the label and see for yourself. it has to be the kind you mix with water. ( more fiber). I am 56,, and never had kids. I also had a bladder sling put in about 8 years ago for incontinence issues. I was told this has nothing to do with my poop problem. ( FYI). Your not alone!

Mon, Feb 17 11:23am · TSH range in Diabetes/Endocrine System

when I started losing wt, anxious and not sleeping,, it ended up being Graves… a hyperthyroid . are you going to an endo? or a primary?

Thu, Feb 6 8:13am · Hypo and Hyper thyroid hell!! in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I don't know where you are located at, but Mayo in Rochester has an excellent graves disease eye clinic. I went a couple months ago.. GREAT team. They may be able to help you.