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Jun 5, 2019 · Undiagnosed auto immune disease, put on Leflunomide in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you for welcoming me into the group! I have only seen a primary care doctor for these issues, other than the urgent care and emergency department doctors I have seen over the years. I see her again tomorrow for a follow up but they never reccomend what other doctors to see so I have no idea what direction to go in. They keep trying to say it's just viruses but never take into account my medical history and how often I get sick to find the root of the problem. Yes I am only taking vitamin D supplement at the moment. I live in Salt Lake City, UT and all my doctors are through university of utah health.

Jun 5, 2019 · Undiagnosed auto immune disease, put on Leflunomide in Autoimmune Diseases

I am a 21 year old female, height 5'5, weight 130. I am relatively active when I am not sick and eat a healthy diet. I have always had a poor immune system. Growing up I caught every virus, infection, etc. and even had shingles by the time I was 11. I have had chicken pox, countless cases of strep throat, bronchitis, walking pneumonia twice, digestive issues, endometriosis, and I get the flu hardcore every season usually multiple times. For the last 4 years I have gotten much sicker than normal, being that every time I get the flu I become hospitalized, I had 3 kidney stones one month after another, and a stomach ulcer. This year in 2019, I started off with a really nasty flu. I got better for 3 days then I got really sick again with walking pneumonia. Now just 3 weeks ago I came down with what I thought was stomach flu, throwing up violently, bad diarrhea, fever, and muscle aches. The doctor said that virus was unlikely due to the length and nature of symptoms and checked my blood, did an ultrasound of my gall bladder, and ordered stool samples to check for parasites. Everything came back normal. She ordered an endoscopy/colonoscopy for next month to check for something like Crohn's disease. By the time my vomiting and diarrhea stopped and I could keep food down, I got better for about a day and a half and then I noticed an intense feeling of fatigue/malaise and body aches. Every day my throat felt more and more sore and was very red and my lymph nodes were swollen so I went to urgent care to check for mono or strep throat. They both came back negative and the doctor gave me a steroid to help with the inflammation. After the steroid my throat felt much better, but the intense body aches were the same. Everyday I became more congested and my ears would hurt, and I would have splitting headaches at the base of my skull. Today is the third week of being sick and I can hardly do anything. OTC medications barely get me through, and I even have been trying accupuncture which helps a little but not a whole lot. I am only on one medication which is a prescription vitamin D supplement for deficiency. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?? From what I have researched it sounds like it could be an autoimmune disease. What do you guys think? Sorry for the long message and thank you!!