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Wed, Sep 9 4:13pm · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

Try drinking fresh squeezed vegetable juices – helps to hydrate inside and out!!! About 3 8oz glasses a day….,

Tue, Sep 8 10:15am · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

To everyone – I was on anastrazole – horrible side effects immediately so I had to stop. Took letrozole and after two weeks could not handle it. Started eximestrane two weeks ago and so far so good. Only side effect is a bit of constipation. Good luck!

Sun, Aug 30 5:13pm · PET Results - Pre-potential whipple treatments in Pancreatic Cancer

To @minimia. Had the whipple almost two years ago. Try and put on some weight before the operation. They did mine at mayo laparoscopically. Took ten hours, but was out of hospital in about 6 days. They did give me two units of blood during the operation and one a day later. Total liquid diet
For the first few days and then soft foods. Was on very strong pains meds but after two days it was only constipating me, so I did Tylenol and ibuprofen. Had a lot of shots for days following the surgery to prevent blood clots. Arms and legs – you get used to it. Right after one eats anything you will go to the bathroom and the stools will be very loose. You learn how much enzymes to take with each meal. Avoid fried or sautéed foods for a while – at least six months. Walk as much as possible after the surgery and all the time. But sleep when you need to. Hard vegetables should be cooked for six
Months as well – they are hard to digest raw. Oatmeal and foods like that are always good for any meal. See what fruits you can tolerate, but try to avoid strawberries and those fruits with small seeds
For a while. My mantra has always been if it looks and smells good I will eat it. If it does not even sound good don’t bother with it. You will get back to a new normal soon. Hopefully they can leave the tail of
The pancreas so that you don’t have to monitor your insulin.
Feel free to ask additional questions wheN the need arises. Best of luck! I will actually be up at mayo in just over two weeks for a scan…. routine

Mon, Aug 17 7:23am · Aromatose inhibitors/ mastectomy w/ diep flap reconstruction in Breast Cancer

To @sandyjr. I had a bilateral mastectomy 11 years ago and did the flap surgery. 11 hours and
Recovery was hell. But am glad I did it. I did not get the ratio nipples. Was on tamoxifen and then went to anastrazole which was horrible for me. Just started letrozole but had brain fog in the beginning so I went off of it. Back on it now but only taking Three days a week. There was a study done a few years back with mayo and university of Arizona about reducing The dosage of the letrozole. It’s a struggle, but with Mets already to my bones it’s worth it. Hope this helps

Mon, Jul 27 4:27pm · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Pancreatic Cancer

@luckyguy – I usually take a few bites of food and then I take the creon. If I am only eating vegetables and a carb intake 2-3 pills. If there is any fat in the food intake 3-4 pills. Even two years out my stools at time are loose, and I always have gas. I suppose it’s a side effect I live with. If the gas gets too intense you can always take an over the counter med for this. Good luck on your journey!

Fri, Jul 24 9:58pm · Ibrance and Liver Lesions in Breast Cancer

@onamission. Thank you for this information! My body/system is so sensitive to prescribed medications due to the a,out of chemos and radiations I have had over the past two and a half years that I have to look for alternatives. I will,keep you posted!

Fri, Jul 24 11:41am · Ibrance and Liver Lesions in Breast Cancer

For @trivia – I am not on ibrance yet but have mbc to the bones for two and a half years. I have tried anastrazole and letrozole with major side effects that I have had to stop both. Am now taking DIM and indole3 which are extracts of greens and cruciferous vegetables. Only just started so will let you know. Good luck in your journey.

Tue, Jul 14 3:26pm · Can someone help...terrified: Need info on pancreatic cancer in Pancreatic Cancer

@debsid. I do juice – carrot (5) celery (2) Granny Smith apple (1) beet (1), ginger and tumeric. I do take milk thistle seed every night (3 capsules) as it helps the liver, which you will need to keep it strong. I also did essiac tea.