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Thu, Mar 19 10:14am · Stomach problems in son with mild autism in Autism (ASD)

Welcome to connect. Although I have no clue what your son is experiencing with his stomach. I also have had stomach problems over my lifetime. It is important for you to advocate with doctors to make sure they find out what the problem is. When you see a physician, don’t let them push it off, or if you are close enough, go to Mayo. I lived with a lot of pain for a long time because I could not advocate for myself when I was younger. The situation was not resolved until I was in my 30s, and learned about the condition myself. I now advocate for others in my area.

Mon, Mar 16 2:15pm · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)

Thank you, just feeling exhausted and isolated. I lurk a little now and then, but question my own judgment for writing helpful comments at this time.

Sun, Feb 23 10:22am · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)

Being the person who is there always is certainly a mixed blessing isn’t it. I feel you now. I am sending a prayer up now for you and your daughter.

Mon, Feb 17 9:32pm · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)


Fri, Feb 14 11:36am · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

I am sorry you are hurting. I know there is no consolation in others getting hurt, but if you can visualize and get a chuckle. I am so clumsy or uncoordinated they could make a chaplain movie. So I can definitely relate to falling, I am thinking of you.

Thu, Feb 13 8:41pm · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

Sadly in our current climate, this applies to many things. Autism, mental health, seniors, and the disabled. If you need help you have to be in peril to show you need it before you can get it, and even then…………….

Thu, Feb 13 8:00pm · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

Thank you for thinking of me. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. I am very busy with multiple cancer patients in the family, one entering hospice over the last 4 days. Hoping for some serious down and quiet time soon.

Sat, Feb 8 11:26am · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

Also vet wrap which is kind of like Koban, comes in wide or narrow and is less expensive. Here’s a hint. You don’t have to stretch it much, it really just sticks to itself. Some brands are a rougher texture than others and more irritating to that area. After you wrap it it, can he tolerate a tank top over the bandages?