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1 hour ago · How Do You Bring Up Mayo Clinic in Your Daily Life? - Monthly Mission in Mayo Clinic Champions

I tell at least one person per day how grateful I am that we travelled to Mayo for my husband. I would be a widow already if it weren’t for the amazing people at Mayo.

2 days ago · Completed 5 years of anastrozole. Withdrawal symptoms? Side effects? in Breast Cancer

I have also had a little anxiety, no noticeable relief from joint and bone pain yet. I am on Zoloft so that hopefully will keep me from getting too far out there while I withdraw. Please connect with someone, anyone if it gets out of control. Please also report this withdrawal symptom, as I will, this will benefit other folks who withdraw in the future.

5 days ago · Surgery for Calcifications/Cancer from Calcifications in Breast Cancer

I am sorry you are in this situation! Is there a cancer center near you, where you can go for a second opinion? You get to choose where that happens and I always suggest outside the local network if possible. Also please go to one of the breast cancer advocacy sites and you can gain a wealth of information there. Now to your primary question, calcifications might not be cancer. Calcifications can be pre cancer, and a cluster of them certainly should be looked at closer. Better to stop it before it has a chance to get started, if it is those kinds of changes. They frequently cannot answer that until it is under a microscope. Sadly this type of lack of communication is too common, I ask doctors to be blunt, it serves us both and builds trust.
This is just one place where you can read good information on line.


Fri, Nov 1 12:01am · Multiple Myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I am glad to hear that slower is working better for you. Less side effects means being able to stay the course. Prayers are with you.

Wed, Oct 30 10:55am · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

Ah, geez! Isn’t it the way that things go south all at once. Prayers of peace and healing heading your way sirgalahad!

Mon, Oct 28 10:07am · Have you ever had hiccups with or after chemotherapy? in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Welcome to the club, I am sorry about the hiccups.

Sun, Oct 27 11:07am · Completed 5 years of anastrozole. Withdrawal symptoms? Side effects? in Breast Cancer

Just completed 10 years, and quit 12 days ago, a little fatigue but my doc said to please call him in one month and report as long as there is no major issues. The bone pain I have endured for 10 years is moderate most days, but not enough to make me quit. I am hoping this will all subside soon.