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1 day ago · Forteo vs. Tymlos in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I've been on Forteo for 10 months, with a 24-month plan. No side effects that I've been able to notice. I'm 66 years old. I don't know what will happen when I'm done with the Forteo.

Aug 2, 2019 · Interrupting Forteo for two weeks in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Thank you Chris. Here's what my doctor wrote back to me:

"You may hold the Forteo for the trip and resume when you return." Then she also included this package insert info:
"Lilly has not identified any safety concerns, including adverse reactions or side effects, associated with temporary interruption or withdrawal of Forteo® (teriparatide [rDNA origin] injection) therapy during our clinical studies or follow-up analyses (Neer, 2001; Orwoll, 2003; Lindsay, 2004; Saag, 2007; Saag 2009; Silverman, 2013).
It is not known how stopping and starting teriparatide effects how it works as teriparatide was studied as a once daily injection without interruptions for 24 months (Forteo Package Insert, 2012)."

Aug 1, 2019 · Interrupting Forteo for two weeks in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Thanks, Chris. My Forteo packages are also shipped in styrofoam box with ice packs, three months' worth at a time. There is good information for travelers on forteo.com and even some links to the US State Department website. Traveling itself isn't the issue, it's that period when I won't be able to keep the stuff chilled!
I'm contacting my endocrinologist today. Still hoping to hear experiences of anyone has stopped and restarted this medication.

Jul 31, 2019 · Interrupting Forteo for two weeks in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I'm 66, female, and have been on daily Forteo injections since March. I have a two-week trip in October during which I will not have dependable access to refrigeration, so I expect to stop the injections for two weeks and resume when I get home. Has anyone here done something like this? What was your experience? Any advice? Your comments can help me be more informed when I discuss my plan with my endocrinologist. Thanks!