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Aug 14, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Hi @oliviah9 how are you taking the 40mg? All at once or 20 and 20 at different times? Did the doc give you a script or is it just 2 Prilosec? I am asking because I too definitely have reflux that also causes me some grief….. I had it my whole life but managed it but now that the big 40 hit things get less tolerable. TIA

Aug 14, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

The only reason I asked is pay attention to other triggers. I also noticed that I have upper back pain in the rhomboid muscle. Whenever it is extremely uncomfortable is when my breathing difficulties are there. I put 2 and 2 together after a recent massage and a little relief on my back. I realized I was able to breathe again. Let’s see if it holds up

Aug 13, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Does anyone here complaining of this shortness of breath have upper back or neck pain?

Aug 3, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

https://www.letsrun.com/forum/flat_read.php?thread=3847053 Here is another link with many people having the same issue. I’m sorry you had the DVT and had to go through what you did but it’s also relieving to hear your “success” story of actually finding it in time. However, I don’t believe most of you have to worry about DVT (I am NOT a Dr.) but I have spoke to many about the same issue you are all going through. I am going through the exact same thing. I have heard DVT, Pulmonary Embolism, Asthma, COPD, Heart conditions etc. However our symptoms are not that of TRUE SOB. We get it intermittently and can get a deep breath every few breaths unless we get panicky and we can continue to overbreathe and hyperventilate until we can get ourselves to calm down and finally get a deep breathe in. It can be a vicious cycle. I too have no problem once I lay down and relax to go to sleep. Mine also tends to be worse about an hour or so after I wake up and start thinking about it. I have YouTubed every thing about breathing and I feel like I figured it out while watching the videos and focusing on my breathing but shortly after I revert back to this annoying way of breathing. Anybody else dealing with exactly this same way of life? This is mind related 100% unfortunately I only believe it 75% of the time. The other 25% I tell myself this has to be something serious. Lung Cancer, COPD etc and then I get back into a whirlwind of an anxiety mess. If I go all day without thinking about it and I’m busy I’m fine. It’s when I think I’m going to beat it and try taking breath after breath when this happens.

May 23, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

I tried to post a link but it’s not allowed since I’m Farley new here. Please Google Pseudo Dyspnea and read the findings or articles on that. There are actually many of them confirming this to be an actual thing. It means “false” shortness of breath and pretty much explains all or most of our general symptoms. Let me know what you guys think

May 21, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

@rigenadaku – This is very interesting that you say this. From your start to end I’m starting to feel you are 100% right. I don’t think doctors (plural) would ALL just dismiss everyone with anxiety if they had some doubt this might be stemming from something more serious or easily treatable. Their reputations are on the line and also this is what they do. I feel like you are sooooo right when you say this may be in our heads. I found that mine started after a recent bout with a little anxiety. I don’t get panic attacks or big anxiety attacks either. However, I was under a pretty decent amount of work stress and I am also a borderline hypochondriac. I found myself for about a week having to take deep breaths every 5-10 minutes or so and they felt amazing! But, shortly after this anxiety started to simmer down I found the need to continuously try to take these deep breaths and falling short almost like I “broke” them. The more I focused that I wasn’t getting that breath, the more I tried and hence SOB feeling kicks in, anxiety starts to spike but that great feeling doesn’t return because now it seems that’s what we are focused on. It’s an evil and cruel cycle and I believe this is definitely a mind game for most of us in here. I feel like when I’m occupied with things, talking on the phone or whatever I breathe like a normal person should….involuntarily!!! Focusing on your breathing is actually an OCD disorder as well. Just relax your mind and try to not think about the breathing and everything seems fine. You’ll also find that when you really do need a deep breath and your body shoots for one that it’s actually there. But and the keyword here is BUT….let your body do it naturally. How did your appointment turn out in North Carolina?

May 20, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Hi Im new here and I’m glad I stumbled on this post. Has anyone been told that this can be a Pulmonary Embolism? I’m suffering from the exact same symptoms. I do suffer from health anxiety so these kind of events make my anxiety 1000x worse. I was suffering from right side shoulder blade pain or a strain for about 2 weeks and with a massage and chiropractor it has pretty much returned to normal. However while having this upper back pain for about a week or so I found myself to be more anxious and having to take deep breaths to feel better. Those deep breaths were amazing. However, once the back pain went away it’s like it took the deep satisfying breaths with it. I tried to take a deep breath in the last few days and it almost feels like I only get one every 5-10 breaths that I take. When I lie down I am yawning feeling good and can take deep breaths. I go to the gym and work out without any problems. However once I’m walking or sitting and decide to try to take a deep breath I again find this void in my lungs…. ughhh has anyone come across a solution?