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Tue, May 21 3:30pm · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

No. The second doc is a TKR specialist and the first one is the defendant in a lawsuit. I am more worried about the chance of success in getting scar tissue removal surgery. I guess my thought is that if he gets rid of 70% of the scar tissue and 30% comes back…..it's a win

Sun, May 19 10:50am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

It definitely effects my daily duties. It is "stiff" and painful. Between my two knees, I have had 12 surgeries and 19 overall. I'm becoming immune to the pain and have learned to live with it. I have degenerative joint disease. I'm very dissapointed with results of "correct" replaced knee. It feels quite hopeless. Sorry to sound like a fatalist….

Sat, May 18 10:46am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi. New to group. I had TKR 18 months ago. Doc put wrong sized implant in and new doc did revision. Correct sized implant in now, but 6 months post op and lots of scar tissue. Knee is constantly swollen and stiff. ROM is good, 125 and 0 degrees on extension. But the scar tissue is causing the swelling. It's rubbing on tissue and causing bleeding. Most is above the knee and caused by the quad tendon being cut and repaired numerous times. Had 40cc's drained off and it was red, fresh bleeding. Knee still looks terrible. Cannot see kneecap or any definition. New doc says only hope is arthroscopic scar tissue removal surgery. This will be my 7th surgery on that knee. Can't decide if the risk of scar tissue returning is worth it. Any similar stories????