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Wed, Aug 21 10:16am · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am a 53 y/o female in excellent health. Former college athlete and marathon runner. Always had mitral valve prolapse, PVCs, but onset of new systems this past Sept. Diagnosed in February with exercise-induced VTac, and then Bradycardia, and then total heart block shortly thereafter. HR dipped to 27 as I awaited results of Lyme disease test. It was negative, and His-pacemaker implanted. Now new issue with AFib event, and more adjustments needed for more voltage. Battery life of my 3 mo old pacemaker is now 4.5 years. Is is common to have so many different things all at once? I am on no meds and never have been. Looking for guidance before considering potential ablation and potential move of pacemaker lead. Everything seems so sudden, especially after losing my mom in August.

Sat, Jul 13 7:15am · Anyone Experiencing Sharp Pain around Pacemaker Site? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thanks for link and information! A friend sent this to me in May, and yes I do have one of the listed model numbers affected. My EP Cardiologist does not feel that has contributed, rather it is taking more voltage to contract my heart. However, I am going to Mayo in early Aug to get second opinion.

Fri, Jul 12 10:15am · Anyone Experiencing Sharp Pain around Pacemaker Site? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I had a Medtronix pacemaker implanted in February 2019, so I am still getting used to it. Wondering if anyone has had sharp pain, stabbing pain at times, around the pacemaker site. It is not on the incision, rather it is "around" the site, especially near the shoulder and pec muscles. Feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife at times, and seems to generate in the area where I can feel where the lead attached to the pacemaker unit. My battery life has dropped significantly in my 4 months, and is now down to 4.5 years for replacement.

Fri, Jul 5 2:02pm · apple watch in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I totally agree ronbyrd, you are the first to connect with similar symptoms! Congrats on the Boston Marathon qualifying time…that's AWESOME! 🙂 By complete heart block, I mean a third-degree heart block…it is when electrical signals do not travel between the upper Atrial and lower Ventricle chambers of the heart. My cardiologist sent me to straight to the ER from his office visit…on Valentines Day, no less. While I awaited the lyme disease results over the long holiday weekend, my heart rate dipped to low of 27 in ICU. And they could not get it higher than 38. When I had the pacemaker installed, I felt immediate relief. First 3 months, I have had a lot of transition, but now running 3-4 miles a day, 5 times a week, and no PSVTs.

Fri, Jul 5 11:24am · apple watch in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thanks for the additional information @ronbyrd. My symptoms were very similar…happened about 15 minutes into my run, and if I started walking, it would stop. (Strange for a 11 time marathon runner in excellent shape and 53 female). I too had angiogram, cardiac MRI and petscan, and all structurally was very sound. My main concern now is that for some reason, I went into complete heart block about 2 weeks after my angiogram. EP doctor thought I had lyme disease, but test came back negative, so pacemaker was put in. Wondering if anyone has experienced something similar?

Tue, Jul 2 4:51am · apple watch in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello @ronbyrd! Curious as to what your treatment is for your PSVT, and if you know why this started…especially since you a marathon runner. I too was diagnosed with this in January, but also had pacemaker implanted in February after bradycardia/full heart block. Former marathon runner myself, and noticed same thing on my runs. Hope you are feeling better!

Mon, Jun 24 6:23am · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have only had my pacemaker for 4 months, so it had been challenging to know what is “normal” versus what is to be concerned about. I have experienced a very rapid loss of battery power, and now need battery replacement in 4.5 years. Doctor has confirmed His Bundle lead has not moved. At times, I have a sensation of pain, almost a feeling of electrical shock around my incision site, especially when sleeping on my left side. So I don’t! And at times, dull pain in my upper throat area. Feeling great otherwise and back to running 5 days a week (3-5 miles).