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Sat, Sep 7 8:15pm · Acupuncture helpful for PN? in Neuropathy

PEA helped me at the 9th week, give it time. Best wishes

Fri, Sep 6 7:50am · Can Tapping on Yourself Help to Eliminate Pain? in Neuropathy

Coincidentally my sister in law does this for a living, hypnotherapist, she teaches people how to tap certain points and stating positive thought for whatever your situation is. She worked with me briefly for insomnia. She has grown this practice now and trains others and has speaking engagements as well. I will email you privately with further info. As she is in your state Lori

Tue, Sep 3 7:40pm · Acupuncture helpful for PN? in Neuropathy

My reply won’t encourage you, sorry in advance. I had 18 treatments, two per week. She used 20-25 needles per session, I relaxed for an hour. Overall no change so I decided to save my time and money. Some say immediate difference so I hope that’s the case for you. Ten years ago when I had shingles it helped immediately, and then only twice more for good measure! So it can certainly work! Best wishes to you

Sun, Aug 25 3:13pm · Netflix series! in Neuropathy

I have seen them all now, the first one is by far my favorite! And I guess sometime we choose to just live with the diagnosis?? NOT me, I want a cure!

Wed, Aug 21 7:28pm · Netflix series! in Neuropathy

I’m sure many of us are frustrated with medical opinions, diagnoses, recommendations etc. Very interesting new series called “Diagnosis“ on Netflix. Might appeal to those of you who wonder about the causes, treatment, next step etc. I am only halfway through the first episode and it is very engaging!

Tue, Aug 20 11:53am · Acupuncture helpful for PN? in Neuropathy

Well I was going to a 'community acupuncture center', so for all of July my sessions were only $10 each and other times I would pay $15 or $20. So not too much loss other than my driving time. The acupuncturist was saying because I’ve had it so long (18 mo.)🤔 it’s going to take a while. I bought that until last Thursday when my worst days were Thursday Friday Saturday but Sunday was better. I am 75 % sure I won’t return unless other members weigh in here and tip my decision towards continuing. Thanks to you three!

Tue, Aug 20 8:52am · Acupuncture helpful for PN? in Neuropathy

18 sessions, twice a week and feeling it’s a waste of time and money. Still have good days and bad, trying PEA also, but would like to hear if acupuncture worked for anyone and perhaps I need to continue….? I guess trying one solution at a time is wiser. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Tue, Aug 20 8:47am · Severe pain on TOP of feet in Neuropathy

It could be peripheral neuropathy, with me, it’s burning, tingling, stabbing electrical type pain on tops of feet. After several months of that it has moved to calves then onto thighs and just above (butt) recently. Currently using PEA, mentioned on this site, and CBD oil. Good days, fair and crappy ones!