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Fri, Oct 11 6:21pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Oh I’ve wondered about serum drops effectiveness, I have meibomium gland dysfunction, MGD, type of dry eye. Pricey I bet!

Thu, Oct 10 3:21pm · Small Fiber Neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Well said Rachel! Different personal chemistries, pain tolerance, mental and emotional stability etc. My biggest hurdle is anxiety! I read up on what may lie ahead, and even entries here, then I obsess and panic and fear the worst, noting every subtle change with my body. EXHAUSTING!

Fri, Oct 4 3:53pm · Supplement combination/effectiveness in Neuropathy

LOL oops-Joanne

Fri, Oct 4 3:52pm · Supplement combination/effectiveness in Neuropathy

Same question, I was just looking at the site but do not 'do' Facebook, at all. I do see the protocol/supplement list and realize we do what we think is best for us, but high amounts of b12 and D seems questionable unless you’re low in them. And this is a lifelong regimen I assume? Thanks, Joannr

Fri, Oct 4 11:45am · Supplement combination/effectiveness in Neuropathy

Thanks I found it! When we hit reply to someone’s post it 'seems' like it will show up there but it goes to 'most recent' position, so it’s more confusing I think. can I ask about dosing, brands, formulas or any specifics he may have provided? I do still take ALCAR and R-ala, plus B12 as it was low in bloodwork. Thank you Rachel.

Fri, Oct 4 9:38am · Supplement combination/effectiveness in Neuropathy

Rwinney/Rachel- do you have an update on supplement advice after Dr. Appointment? Inquiring minds want to know! Thank you so much.

Tue, Oct 1 6:50am · Tart cherry juice anyone? in Neuropathy

Research continues! I like the fact 'idiopathic' neuropathy was included. Harmless and inexpensive, may try it. There are capsules available too.

Mon, Sep 30 12:20pm · Supplement combination/effectiveness in Neuropathy

Thank you Pam, sounds legit as it comes from the Netherlands which is where my much pricier one comes from. So when I finish the two extra bottles I have waiting I think I will switch. And I love !