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May 14, 2019 · pulling my hair out (trichotillomania) ... hard to stop, any help? in Mental Health

Hi not sure if you’re still available, I just signed up here today. First thing I did was type in Trichotillomania and saw your post.
I’ve been suffering from this since I was a little girl. I’m now 66 years old. It’s hereditary so you may want to see if anyone else is doing it, my Mother didn’t pull hair but she picked at her skin really badly and somehow the two conditions are related. One of my Sisters did it and one of her Daughters does it, my own Daughter does it.
Over my many years I have actually had several pull-free years. One lasted longer than ten or eleven years. But since about the late eighties those periods have been very rare.
Until then though I didn’t even know what I did had a name and that other people suffered from it as well.
I have a lot of other problems too. I’m sure you’re suffering some others too.
The very very sad thing about Tric is there is no real treatment for the problem. Sure you can take antidepressants, you can go to talk therapy, you can do the cognitive therapy. I’ve done everything that’s been suggested and as I sit here I have small bald spots all over my head.
If you or anyone else gets a chance to read this I will check back and look for updates.
Good luck to one and all.
One day someone has to break through.
Trish Madden
Virginia Beach