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Oct 7, 2019 · PSA numbers: Questions about new treatments in Prostate Cancer

Hello JP59,
Followed my PSA from about 3 to 8.5 over the past 5 years and decided to treat the prostate cancer this year. I completed two MRI guided biopsies and anesthesia was absolutely not needed – no issues or pain. I'm currently about to complete 39 Proton Beam treatments along with androgen suppression (two shots three months apart) and have only minor side effects. The results of the MRI and biopsy were the turning point for me to start treatment.

All the Best.

Sep 4, 2019 · Had a biopsy done recently - they want to do another one! in Prostate Cancer

The MRI will direct the biopsy to any area(s) of concern and give you the answers you need. This was the final preventative test I used to make the decision to start treatment. I'm currently about two weeks into my proton beam therapy and all is going well.

May 12, 2019 · prostate cancer treatment choices in Prostate Cancer

After reviewing the nature of my prostate cancer, with a short physical and DRE, I was confirmed a candidate for surgery or external beam radiation therapy. We covered the benefits and side effects of radiation and advantages of the proton beam approach. All the details of how radiation therapy is planned and delivered were discussed. Next, the different fractionated schemes were discussed. The choices were 8 weeks (standard), 5.5 weeks (hypofractionated), and 5 days (ultrashort fractionated). If I selected surgery the possibility of additional radiation treatment, if adverse pathology was found, was also discussed. A clinical trial was also available for image guided radiation therapy with of w/out androgen suppression but I won't consider this because of rules about randomly being assigned to a group that didn't include proton beam.

I'm hoping someone who has been through 5.5 week proton beam therapy can share their experiences on Connect.

May 11, 2019 · prostate cancer treatment choices in Prostate Cancer

Meeting with the surgeon tomorrow for a consultation on robotic surgery. I have already consulted with Dr. Wong in Phoenix regarding proton beam therapy. I have localized prostate cancer, 2 spots 1 and 2 cm watched over the past several years with MRI, 67 yr old, PSA 8.5 and Gleason 7. Can you tell me about your surgery experience and any side effects or complications you experienced? Picking between robotic surgery and proton beam certainly isn't easy.