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May 9, 2019 · Starting Wellbutrin in Depression & Anxiety

Hello. I am new to this chat. I have reached out to people I know and nobody really understands. My dad passed away in May last year, and I could not get over the grief. I became depressed and developed anxiety. My pcp put me on cymbalta in January. It worked for the most part. I was neutral. I was not happy or sad. I gained weight and in turn became more sad. My dr switched me to Wellbutrin last week. Coming off cymbalta and starting Wellbutrin for the most part has been “okay” but lately my anxiety is always present. I can’t shake it. It’s a weird feeling. Like a calm anxiety. Has anyone had experience with starting Wellbutrin? How long does it take to notice change or feel better? Has anyone had Wellbutrin success? And if so can you tell me your timeline. First week, second week, month etc? Please someone tell me it gets better.