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Sat, Aug 10 5:27pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

The purchase of any hearing aid(s) is a bundled price that includes the time spend in trialing them, time spent in wearing them, and the time spent w/audiologist to adjust them to your hearing loss. If they don't work – then take them back and ask for a copy of your audiogram. Even though the hearing aids are powerful or may be toted to be the best for someone, they may not be what you need. If you hearing loss is profound, perhaps you need a cochlear implant or a type of implant between the two. Going to a hospital/university based ENT/Audiologist based facility may be able to help you if you word comprehension is to the point where you can no determine what speech is and a hearing aid can not help you. An audiogram can not help determine that. speech/word comprehension ratio. Check on that since this is the other part of the equation for people who are hard of hearing/deaf. .

Sat, Aug 10 4:44pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

I am stumped…as to why the hearing aid doesn't work for you. Did you have the audiogram done and did your audiologist match/map your hearing loss for both you ears to each of the hearing aids to be sure that you care able to hear correctly through them? Generally, you get the aids first to learn to hear through them first. The accessories are NOT purchased until you are comfortable with you aids first. They come after you have had adequate time using your aids and know when you need to have other devices to augment your aids. All of the devices put together in a pot will of course be useless if you don't give your brain enough time to use the aids and get use to hearing through them. Is this what happened?

Sat, Aug 10 10:00am · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Yes Tara and others – we would be shocked to know this happens in all of the well known global companies…all of the companies on the internet and in your backyards. Its a guise to show that you are just a number and that they can easily replace you with someone who is younger, without the thorn and can do you job almost as well as you but without the difficulties as you mentioned. I had the qualifications, the knowledge and records they sought but what they had to do for me was too much. They wanted snap decisions, responses and and didn't want to give an inch. Accommodations is just too much to factor in – in their fast paced lives. Even though they know the laws there – they can argue that you are not hearing well enough to do your job…mistakes are made – even if you don't They will makeup a mistake that is not yours but someones else and target you. This are scenarios that happened to me and then some…. They use various people in different departments to do their dirty work to frame you when the big day arrives for you evaluations…. and unbeknownst to you – they jack up complaints that sound like the walls are all tumbling down on you and you can only fend disability. Initially I filed a c/o with the EEOC but they couldn't do anything because I was working for a company that was a government based company and that is a no-no. So when the wall fell – I filed short term and then long term disability. Eventually I received permanent disability because I did have what was found to be first stage dementia after all of the testing unfortunately. This may not be the route you take but I had put in 40 years of nursing and this was all I could do. There were nurses who understood what was happening to me and stood by me but they were being canned as well because they were helping me and they tried to distance themselves but it was either helping me or leaving the company before being canned themselves. That is why I am such a big proponent in the verbal and written word with my legislators and those who are in authority. I walk the talk of one who has been discriminated against all my life in both private and public life. Some of it was through negligence and some of it was resentfulness – even so, i have not given up but figured I would continue the pursuit of education, information, advocacy and knowledge as the Mission of HLAA notes because it works. Eloise

Fri, Aug 9 9:03pm · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Welcome to our world of hearing loss. You are not the only one who has faced the abject discrimination of bosses and co-workers who complain out loud about people who are hard of hearing or have hearing aids or any type of assistive listening devices. We are the targets for any company and have been for many years. Even though there are employment laws for accommodations such as the ADA, EEOC [ https://www.disabilitysecrets.com/hard-hearing-dealing-with-job-discrimination.htm https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/publications/qa_deafness.cfm ] that protect us from this discrimination, many companies claim that its YOUR responsibility to accommodate them but that is not entirely true. If they have known all along that you are hard of hearing, and have provided you with some accommodations such as telephone help, someone to take notes for you, captioning, a quiet place for your to work, then they can not harass you. The only way they can claim that they can't help you is if what you ask of them is too expensive for them to provide for you such as a hearing loop installed in your cube. Having to replace your hearing aids which in and of itself impossible to do because of cost – is impractical and not appropriate. The first step you should do is contact your HR dept and file a grievance with them for this type of dispute. If you are not able to hear well enough, then you might consider calling in for a referral to your states Dept of Vocational Rehab to see if they can help you with this grievance and harassment. https://www.hearingloss.org/hearing-help/communities/employees/ Do not attempt to do this on your own. Call in the reinforcement because they will take every opportunity to call you inept and eventually get rid of you. That is what many different companies did with me even though I wasn't inept and I had education up to the …you know where. 5 different degrees and then some. Eloise

Sun, Aug 4 7:12pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

REMEMBER… Hearing aid Manufacturers generally do not talk or work with the end users like you and I. They only talk with the 'professionals' such as the physicians and audiologists who understand and work with their products. These professionals are the ones who interact with their Company Reps and are given demonstrations, information and knowledge about these expensive instruments/computers that we have in and around our ears. We can't really "talk" with them because the language they speak is not the language we understand. Our programming of the aids/CI are all done on computers and the manufacturers have that information. The audiologist have their Masters or Doctor degrees because they need to know how to take care of these expensive instruments for us. Remember, these individual computers are made for each of our specific ears per our audiogram – that is if you had them programmed according to what you audiologist set them up for. If someone ordered them off the internet, they would not have luxury of having custom made hearing aids. Face-to-face care with the expensive hearing aids grants the user the best aids/CIs the best results in the long run. IF YOU want to have your questions answered, you audiologist needs to work with the manufacturer to get them answered. They are the middleman and are paid through the cost of your hearing aids (bundled cost) to do this for you. They can explain that for you. Eloise

Sun, Aug 4 5:34pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

Sure – they all work different ways depending on size and how they are powered up. I had smaller sized hearing aids years ago but they didn't provide what I needed then. I remember years ago at one of the National Conventions, I did a video talking about hearing aids that could be charged at night and not use batteries. It would be the future of hearing aids. And here we are with many models on the market that do just that. It just depends on the manufacturer and what type of aid they choose to offer this type of power. Interesting.

Sun, Aug 4 3:54pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

The "Linx" brand is what we wear as a hearing aid just like we purchase "LG" appliances. Resound makes a number of different Linx models of hearing aids. I have one of their earlier models – the LinX2 – Surround Sound model with 2.4 GHZ wireless technology (connectivity) Mine are behind the ear 77 uses size 13 batteries. I chose red colored hearing aids so they match my red iPhone. My iPhone's bluetooth enables the wireless communications. There are wireless accessories that are available like I said including: TV Streamer, Mini Microphone and Phone Clip. Talk to your audiologist and they can provide you with all of the information about Resound. AND remember, take one step at a time. Know your own hearing loss, what you expect you may need and what you expect the hearing aid will do for you and then learn how the aids will help you. Then use them by reading everything about them and work with you audiologist to make sure they work full time for you. Always ask questions even if they seem dumb…because these aids are helping you hear better and wiser. You will be helping yourself and others by doing this. Questions…stay on this web blog… Eloise

Sun, Aug 4 2:25pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

I am in my fourth year with the Resound Linx hearing aids. They are the best out of all the previous hearing aids I have had in the last 19 years. The two that I help pay for through my insurance plan then, since I was working at the time, work through my mobile phone app. I purchased an iPhone so that it could work the best on the phone. My audiologist placed four different programs on the hearing aid which are displayed on the app. I turn on my hearing aids and iPhone to work the hearing aids so I can pick up phone calls, listen in a looped setting, tone down in a noisy environment, or mute out my tinnitus. I will be getting a mini mic to complement the hearing aids which I neglected to purchase at the time of the hearing aids because I didn't feel I needed it at the time. I have been losing more of my hearing so will need to have people wear the mic so I can hear their speaking into my hearing aids. Over all this has been the best investment I have ever had in my life outside of the Volkswagen Vetta which has saved my life many times. These hearing aids allow me to talk on the phone with my mom via FaceTime and to anyone as if they are right next to me. I can alter the volumes in the four programs if I need to since the thresholds have been tweaked by the audiologist to allow the changes. Its a win/win situation all around. I have mod to severe hearing loss in both ears with hyperacusis and migraine syndrome. I need to have super hearing aids that adjust and work with my tricky brain. These do that for me.