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Oct 2, 2019 · Strategies for Dining Out with Hearing Loss, PTSD, TBI, Autism, Alz in Hearing Loss

The Purple Table reservation would be a great website to utilize however it is not available nationwide. https://purpletables.us/listing/locations If you want your favorite restaurant to join – have them be a part of it and showcase their place on it so other hard of hearing/deaf people can join you in their place. This way they understand that you enjoy their place when working to have them accommodate your/our hearing loss needs. This gives them a sign of approval that they are found on this special website and is passed on by word of mouth to others. Its like a 'TripAdvisor award' for them that others find and utilize across the United States. It also helps us if we travel outside our comfort zone and want to know where there are places that help us eat and hear well. Let's get this special website moving from one state to all states….it will do us all something good.

Oct 1, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

I have heard/read that suspicions are that viruses get in the auditory nervous system and can do havoc on this area in the most in-opportunistic time. When you least expect it the virus strikes the nerves and sets up it's nest in the area. Since antibiotics don't touch the viruses – they lay low and sit and wait out the storm. Early treatment with steroids may or may not help "treat" the offending bug since it depends on the type of virus that attacked the nerves. Association with the sinuses in the area, teeth being worked on and any area harboring associated "bugs" including viruses – these can all travel in the the around your ears, nose, throat, mouth, and brain – they are all in the area of your face. Remember when they talked about having your teeth cleaned and you swallowed during that procedure – you are swallowing what is located in your mouth which is lots of bugs including viruses and bacteria. This can circulate in your gut and if you have a good immune system be – gotten rid of. However, if not, the bugs can make you sick and could give you heart disease – particularly valvular disease. It pays to have a healthy gut to keep things in check. As well as a healthy mouth.

Sep 9, 2019 · Vision Therapy helping anyone? in Eye Conditions

Therapy for vision, balance and walking all help with your daily activities. I have had all three and then some over the years. I also am of the mind that a good wholesome diet helps the body as does a good nights sleep. Walking or some sort of activity, even though it may seem 'dangerous' with the vertigo and balance disorder, still is needed to keep the body moving. We are not meant to sit or lie down all day. We need to move in one way or another. Movement if the key word here. We use our senses to negotiate our day/night. Our eyes help us navigate our way just as our ears help us hear and navigate our way around us and more. The nerves in our ears / brain do so much more in keeping us upright and moving. Our kidneys work in tandem with the electrolytes to keep our balance correct and our brains functioning as well as our gut working correctly. That's not the only organ working full time.
Water (H20) is the basis of all of this and when we don't have enough – trouble comes baring down on us. Our bodies need to have enough liquid in it to work proportionately right. If there is not enough, the liquids are squeezed out of one place and moved to another to have what the organs need. This is why we have muscle cramps and headaches. Activities, exercising and moving is done all day long….either actively or passively, at your desk, at the counter top in the Kitchen, in your bed, in the bathroom, in the swimming pool, anywhere you find yourself. Move your eyes, your shoulders, your hips, your head, hold onto the door handle, take a minute or two to stretch. move your eyes up and down and around. Have any bands around? Good – use them when you get out of bed in the morning for a number of stretches… to loosen up. Less aches and pains perhaps through out the day or they may not be noticed because you are incorporating these instant activities in your daily walk in life… Just a thought.

Sep 9, 2019 · Hearing loss: What do event planners need to know? in Hearing Loss

Check to see if you state has the '711' coverage – which is the amplified telephones. This is a federal law that covers telephones for the hard of hearing people. Each state has some type of program that covers these phones. Additionally, there are states that also cover the captioning phones that are provided through service providers and are provided free to people who qualify by their audiograms/audiologist testing. Check your state's office for deaf/hard of hearing or Office of health services for detail on what is available for you in your state. If there are limitations on the types of accessibility or accommodations that could/should be available for you, then this is the time to bring it to your State/Federal Representatives attention. Check the states that have these available for their constituents like in New Mexico, New York and WI…. and many other states. Check the HLAA website for directions on how you can advocate for yourself in requesting this and other great information for those with hearing loss. https://www.hearingloss.org/hearing-help/financial-assistance/state-telephone-programs/

Sep 4, 2019 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Right on…eating clean and natural is the right way to go. I have turned around my life with the Lord's blessing and grace after so many lives that could have ended along the way…that I can only say this is the way to go. It takes time and patience but internally, the changes are remarkable. I was lead to read about the Medical Medium – Life Changing Foods written by Anthony Williams and his simple methods that can change your lives. I have been slowly adapting my life around his ideas of what I can do to rid my body of all of the toxins I have accumulated over my lifetime that have caused so many of my illnesses and diseases. Surprisingly, I have fewer distresses and aches than I have previously but I will never rid of them all. However, I am much happier than I was three years ago. I can be functional and live life to the full which speaks volumes. Check it out today. He has many books to help you out.

Sep 3, 2019 · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

I agree whole hardheartedly. If you can't get them directly, then go around them to those who can change the rules. I have always worked with my own Representatives from Congress and have made inroads with them over the years. This is the ONLY ways to go. If you know whom to contact, then this is the way to begin the process since all our Vets deserve the best alongside the rest of our community. Since all have hearing loss – all deserve to have services. Period.

Sep 3, 2019 · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

Some years ago, I tried to work with the VA in starting a support group for the Veterans in the area and negotiated on how it could work. One of their staff was a member of HLAA and helped me work out the logistics to make it work. It would have been wonderful to have the vets meet on a monthly basis to augment their working knowledge of their hearing aids (made available by the Veterans) and what we would give them about how they could deal with their hearing loss in daily life. When the high ranking staff heard about our plans, they decided to transfer our HLAA member out of state and scrubbed our plans for a support group for the vets in the area. It was such a disappointment. We were not allowed to advertise our HLAA chapter meetings in the VA Hospital either. What these veterans could use, we learned, was limited within the walls of the hospital unless they wanted to go outside of their hospital system. They do receive what they need but perhaps not all of the in-depth hearing loss information that could help them in the long run.

Here in Sun City Center, FL, we will follow the Mission of the HLAA organization by opening the world of communication to all people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy – no matter who they are and where they are located.

Aug 28, 2019 · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

Hi Sparklegram – My Resound LinX were the first generation hearing aids that promoted the streaming into my iPhone. They are small behind-the-ears, digital and yes have the plastic tube that connects to my ears with the replaceable buds. I have some residual hearing so these hearing aids help me with what I don't have. Each year Resound/GN updates their Hearing Computers to do more for for those who can't hear. Remember, these are mini computers that have many components to them. https://www.resound.com/en-us/hearing-aids/digital. Check out their website that shows what is happening behind the scene and the latest models that are available. I have not updated mine because mine are still appropriate for me.
Each night when I take my hearing aids out, I take the buds off and wash them by hand with soap and water and then put them and the hearing aids, open the battery container – and put them all into my cleaner for the night. This allows for the aids, batteries and buds to last longer and for my ears to not itch because I am allergic to anything that sits near or on my ears. (they are plastic and draw moisture, bugs, etc.) Remember, these instruments are computers and need to be well taken care of and if you want them to work for you – they need to be properly taken care of to function for you in the most optimum way. Just like you take care of your home PC, laptop, cell phones, etc…your aids, CI and hearing devices are just as valuable if not more. Eloise