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May 4, 2019 · Metastasized lung cancer in Lung Cancer

22 years. Wow!!!! I wasn’t sure I’d see spring! I am very tired!….but I’m functioning! Everything is a chore! My legs are weak making walking difficult but doable. Right now I’m just waiting for results of last brain radiation. I am not a good candidate for chemo…..I have none of the genetic markers for focused chemo. At first I was told, there were many options because lung cancer is studied so much, then after all biopsies are studied … nothing! My family is very supportive if I chose to not do the generalized chemo program. At this point, not getting positive feedback from medical staff either…..quality of life issues. Merry, you’ve had both chemo and radiation on Your lungs? I have had nothing to lungs….very slow growing and no c(angels since Jan. It’s the brain they are focused on. The involvement is with the cerebellum and the occipital lobe……which explains the leg involvement. The brain remains intact…..for which I am very greatful. Thanks for getting back to me

May 3, 2019 · Metastasized lung cancer in Lung Cancer

I was diagnosed in Jan 2019 with stage 4 mucinous adenocarcinomas which has metastized to the brain. I have completed 10 treatment sessions of whole brain radiation which had no impact on existing spots. The 2nd course of action was focused radiation on 3 areas of the brain which I completed 2 weeks ago. In 2 more weeks an MRI will be fine to see if it was effective. Has anyone had more than 2 series of radiation on the brain? Because if the brain involvement I’m not a good candidate for chemo
Thank you for whatever info you can share