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Jun 11, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

I used my husbands ambien! ;(

Apr 23, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

I have been on ambien for over 20 years and my husband says at night I get up and take more as he has lately been monitoring my sleeping pill. I was unaware that I was taking more and don’t remember. I take 10 mg and he informed me last night I took a total of 4 at different times of the night (he just started keeping count of the pills) told him to hide them and tonight will be my first night just taking 1. I know I need to do this but I also know tonight will be hard! I am 63, retired and have never been addicted to anything. It is hard for me to shut my mind down as I lay in bed thinking of what all I need to get done the next day. I am a very focused and results driven person. I am embarrassed that I have allowed this to happen to me. It gives me hope to see others have gotten off this drug! I wish you all continued success and strength! Thank you for letting me join this group!