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May 16, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Hello all. I just wanted to check in. I recently went to an allergy doctor and the blood test showed that I do not have an abnormal reaction to allergens except dust mites. I am scheduled to get a skin test to rule out other allergies. I asked about hyperventilation syndrome as the symptoms track well with what I have and he said there is a good possibility, but I should consult with a primary care doctor or possibly a psychiatrist as it is usually anxiety related. He also said that if HVS is it then it probably has nothing to do with the dust allergy. I have noticed that when I exercise it goes away and when my mind is focused on things it is less common. This makes me think that I am over breathing and my CO2 may be low. This can lead to vasoconstriction which could possibly give an explanation for the heavy pulse I feel in my forehead and nose. I will also look into my nutrition and vitamin / mineral levels. By the way I am a 24 y.o. male who drinks alcohol on occasion and has never smoked.

Apr 17, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Hello all. I recently came across this thread and decided to comment since I have had similar symptoms. When I was a child in elementary school I developed asthma after a bout of pneumonia. I have also been very sensitive to allergens and get severe upper respiratory infections from time to time. A say the least I was not a very healthy child growing up. It did not help that the house I grew up in had very dusty carpets. I took a control inhaler and an antihistamine and my symptoms improved as I got older. My immune system also improved. However, around the time that I began to go to high school from around 2009-2010, I began to experience some of the symptoms described in this thread. I would have to get up pretty early for the bus and would ride it with my older brother. I remember that it felt like I was not getting enough blood to my head and felt quite dizzy. I told my brother and he dismissed it so I did not really make much of a fuss. The symptoms were more manageable then. However,by the end of high school and early college the symptoms began to get worse. I would get lightheaded, dizzy, numbness in my hands and face, and SOB. It got so bad that I told my parents, but I insisted in not going to the ER since I knew that the symptoms would pass as normal after an hour or so. Other symptoms that seem to be related are an extreme thirst (I once drank an entire pack of water bottles in like and hour at a friends house), heart palpitations, loss of finger dexterity, and strong pulsating veins in my forehead and nose.

The symptoms seem to come in waves where it will affect me hard for like a week and then go away, only to return a week or two later. I finally went to the health clinic at school last semester when I was having trouble breathing. They tested the blood oxygen level and it was like 98%. The doctor referred me to an allergist. The allergy test that I took showed that I am sensitive to dust mites, but not much else. I have not gotten a chance to return yet since I am quite busy as a graduate student. However, it has been bothering me hard this week and I have been looking into it. I typed into google "difficulty taking a deep breath" and the suggestions included "… and yawning". I would say that I am pretty bad as describing symptoms to a doctor on the spot and for some reason I did not think to mention that it feels like I have an uncontrollable urge to yawn, but the yawn stalls out before the deep breath part. I included the yawning part in the search and it helped bring me to this page. I would also like to note that my symptoms seem to be worse when I am tired or after a big meal. Sorry for the long winded (funny since we are having trouble taking deep breaths) post, but I felt it necessary to share my story.