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Apr 18, 2019 · Applying for Disability in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I live in Illinois when I was informed of my COPD I was all ready at stage 2 and that was back in 2010 . In 2014 I was hospitalized for respiratory failure was in hospital for 2 weeks. That's when I applied for SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY. IT took 7 months from the day I sent my application in until I received my first Social Security Disability check.
I did mine on my own no lawyer involved. Had a lot of doctors appointments to go to..chest xrays, PFT testing,blood work. I was also on oxygen for activity.
Social Security gave me an Advocate to help me through all the process which was the best thing that they could have done.
I kept in contact with the Advocate on a weekly basis if not more.
Now I don't receive a large monthly payment but it does help. It depends on your Employment status of 10 years or more and how much you made when you were employed. Of course I worked in a warehouse selling auto parts so I was in a unhealthy environment 6 days a week 50 hours a week I was around chemicals, dust,cardboard, mold,mildew and exhaust fumes not to mention brake dust.
Copd is a disease that there is no cure for all they can do is help you maintain with medication and try to give you the best quality of life.