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Sep 4, 2019 · Thyroidectomy in Thyroid Cancer

Still waiting on the results for thyroseque test.

Sep 4, 2019 · Thyroidectomy in Thyroid Cancer

Good morning. I have a question too. Ny thyroid doctor said that the biopsy had to go out for thyroseque because the results came out indeterminate..prior to that my recent ultrasound results said that 2 of my nodules were ti-rad 3. They were solid..they grew.and I think it was hypereochoic(dont quote me) I know it was 3 points on the guideline or chart. Can you explain these categories for me. The doctor said it was category 3 risk on the chart. Or table. How many people with this category have a thyroidectomy. My thyroid has been a problem since I was 19 and I am now 50. Is it premature to have it taken out..should I go for a 2nd opinion? Any help would be appreciated.

Jun 12, 2019 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

I have problem with thorough doctors..wait maybe because I didnt find a thorough one yet. Took my doc 21/2 yr to finally agree to get me mri. My endo is same..3 wks to send me prescript for ultrasound. Finally going tomorrow..let's see.

Jun 10, 2019 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Anybody on this amazing group also have elevated igg subclass 1. And elevated protein in spinal tap..and extremely inflamed only on one side? And right leg is very heavy? Is it possible that even tho ugh I dont have lesions i still have Ms whitch was my original diagnosis. PPMS. then because of no lesions she said i dont jave it..then another neuro said if i have ms then he is retiring. (I found that obnoxious) just trying to make sense of all this. I am only getting worse and no treatments because no diagnosis. Still kicking butt in the gym..and hiking ..no one stops this girl!. Even hiked up 831 steps (yes I was in extreme discomfort after that but when someone says I cant do something I prove them wrong!) My husband keeps saying..probably out of frustration..that one days jes gonna have to push me around in a wheel chair or hes gonna lose me too early..um dont count me out so soon Mr. (He is really just frustrated but doesnt know how to deal with me not feeling well)

Jun 10, 2019 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Aww thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. I spoke to my endocrinologist who was delaying sending me the prescriptions for the ultra sound and blood work..she said right away "oh did you get my papers I sent them last week" hmmm no o didnt..then she says oh yea I only sent them this past fri. Then she said oh it's only a lump. Yes it is..along with voice hoarseness..pain when swallowing and pain around my chest neck area..I am not just reading internet trying to diagnose myself but I know I am so off the way I feel. Plus not sure if you read it..but my whole right side was visibly inflamed. Now its constantly inflamed. My massage therapist said jeez..like two different arms and legs and back. (Vs right to left) sorry for long posts..just getting discouraged not thinking that I will find a solution last hope is mayo clinic ❤

Jun 10, 2019 · Autoimmune? Undiagnosed and don’t know where to go next in Autoimmune Diseases

Wow seems like we are going through the same thing! For yrs my right side was getting weaker and weaker..and now whole right side is inflamed. I too have gotten tested for almost all autoimmune..have had many MRIs cat scans..exrays..still no clean cut diagnosis..just know what I dont have. Recently though I noticed a lump on the bottom of my neck and my voice is changing and annoying cough. My endo is for some reason not sending my prescript of ultrasounds and blood tests. Also have had 2 plus blood in urine for a year. Still no reason found why. Docs look at me and say eh I dont know what it is and say see me in 6 months. So frustrating. Sending my reports to mayo clinic tomorrow I just have to have full work up already. And I have heard great things about mayo clinic:)

Jun 10, 2019 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you I do
.constantly calling them and insisting on tests. Now like I said with this new symptom (the lump at the bottom of my throat..and achy chest and annoying cough..its kind of scary. I am calling the endo today who is sitting on the tests for 3 weeks already. I mean if gd forbid something is going on time is of the essence. Just so frustrating I have yet to find a doc who listens or makes fun of me saying maybe you are the lucky one and have many things going on at once..well I am a positive person thankfully but to say lucky one sarcastically..not right. On top of that my whole right side is inflamed visibly and even my youngest daughter feels the difference. Hopefully will have answers this week. Good bad or ugly ready for just answers. 🙂

Jun 10, 2019 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you 🙂 I feel like I am getting worse everyday. I am calling my endo today to insist she calls in the tests. I dont know why it is taking her 2 wks to call it in. The lump I feel is getting bigger..and annoying cough. On top of that my whole right side is inflamed. Again no clear cut diagnosis. Anyone else on here have elevated igg subclass 1? Thank you for your responses:-) I hope to get the tests this week