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Apr 29, 2019 · To start generic Fosamax soon and very concerned! in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi Patitoo,
I too started Fosamax this first quarter and have experienced gastrointestinal side effects, heartburn, upset stomach and general overall malaise. So, I only took it for about six weeks. My doctor then switched me to ProLia by injection every six months. I filled the script and put the Prolia in the refrigerator as instructed. I then did some more research and read the extensive list of side effects reported by other users.It was then that I spoke with my sister, a natural medicine Shamen. She recommended trying a combination of vitamin d3 5000 iu, Juvenente, Strontium caps 750 mg,, and Bone Up brand calcium compound 5000 mg until my next DEXA Scan in September. So, that's what I doing now.If I don't have a significant improvement by then, I will reconsider the Prolia solution, ProLia keeps in the refrigerator for about two years so it will still be usable until the Fall. It's about a 65 dollar copay on my insurance, but at twice a year its not too bad. I hope it proves effective as the list side effect is daunting.
Good luck with whatever path you choose,

Apr 15, 2019 · Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have been taking Fosamax for six month but stopped last month due to stomach upset issues. My doctor ordered Prolia injections twice a year. Upon picking up the prescription and reading the side effects pamphlet, I became worried that the cure may be worse then the disease. I also take bone-up brand cacium supplement 1000 mg calcium plus 500 mg magnesium and strontium 750 mg as well as vitamin D3 1000 iu. I have the ProLia in the refrigerator and an appointment tomorrow with my doctor to inject. I am very concerned about this as I have had a bad reaction to a flu shot four years ago and developed ADEM acute diseminated encephomyilitis. Does anyone have advice I could use?