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Apr 8, 2019 · Ongoing Chest Pain in Heart & Blood Health

I actually thought about that. I started taking Nexium to see if it’s an acid reflux thing. Yesterday I had the constant feeling that I had a bunch of air bubbles and extreme pressure in my chest. At the end of the day, I also took Gaviscon and it seemed to mostly go away. We’ll see if anything changes permenately once the Nexium kicks in. I still have a bit of pain on the left side and my resting heart rate last night was at 58, so I also need to keep an eye on that too. One of these days I hope to figure this out.

Apr 6, 2019 · Ongoing Chest Pain in Heart & Blood Health

I have the EXACT issues that you are having. I feel so good after doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and some toning stuff. My chest tightens as the day goes on and I thought maybe it was my underwire. I’ll just be sitting on the couch and my heart flutters to where I have to cough. It’s like it takes my breath away. My chest is constantly tight for 2 months now. It all started with these pains that felt like someone was poking me with a poker under my left breast. Pain sometimes radiates throughout my body. I get headaches. Numbness and tingling in my left arm and sometimes my legs. Dizziness. I have gone to the doctor and of course he prescribed anxiety meds and told me to go to a “Behavioral Therapist”. My bloodwork Great, my heart function great. My resting rate is around 62. I went and got a mammogram, per doctor request, fine. I am going for a heart monitor next month. Yep, takes that long. I honestly feel like it’s a blocked artery but my doctor doesn’’t Want to do the tests. He said that if I feel that bad to go to the emergency room and they will automatically run all the tests. I am so frustrated!