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Jul 7, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

I have been off Seroquel since April 21st. While my mind is clear I am experiencing some serious depression. I am also experiencing heaviness in my legs when I walk. It has gotten to the point where I am not able to walk very far………even grocery shopping without stopping or cutting it short. I am debating as to ask my dr to put me back on Prozac which I was on for 17 years. I went off Prozac cold turkey…… and it caused a manic episode which put me in the hospital. The dr (who I have no faith in) diagnosed me off that manic attack as being bipolar even though I have never shown any signs of Bipolar. I did research on it and the data out there supports his diagnosis………… One manic attack is all it takes when taking an antidepressant…… the data indicates that if you have a manic attack while being on or going off an antidepressant indications are that you are bipolar. There has been very little study about going from a Prozac withdrawal into a full manic episode as a result of the withdrawal. The studies have stated there is not enough research on this to base an conclusion on. I believe that is what happened to me. But now………..here I am……. with this depression hanging over me……not being able to shake it. Some days it is worse than others. I am going to my family doctor on Tuesday………. I do not think the answer is going back on another drug. I want to get through this by myself…….. I stopped going to my psy dr because I truly felt he did not have my best interest. I hesitate to go to another dr because every drug that is out there has side effects that I don't want to be exposed to. Prozac worked for me…….but it was as if I had cotton around my emotions and brain….. I never felt anything……or dealt with it……… It allowed me to not become overwhelmed with the events at the time. I do not know what to do. If I ask my family dr to put me back on Prozac I believe she will. Do I really want to go down that path again.

Jun 11, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

Update: 7 Weeks off Seroquel: It has been seven weeks since going off Seroquel. I have experienced extreme muscle fatigue. I have also experienced gastro issues which has been problematic. I had read where 95% of neurotransmitters are in your gut…….so it makes sense this is happening. I have been even keel with my moods which supports my theory that I am not bipolar but had a manic episode brought on my cold turkey stopping of Prozac after 15 years at 800 mg. Not the smartest thing I have ever done. Once in a great whie I will have an itchy feeling which Benedryl helps. Not bad like it was when I first went off.

May 16, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

Update on total withdrawal from Seroquel. It has been three weeks since taking my last seroquel. I tapered down slowly…… dropping the dose by half every 10 days. I have been on the drug from January to March. My highest dose was 500. I had major emotional swings the first two days……. than itching all over including my scalp. Bendryl helped with that. At three weeks I still have muscle fatigue. which is getting better each day. For the first two weeks I could barely walk my muscles felt like I had concrete blocks on them including my arms. I read an article that said patients can be this week up to three weeks from their withdrawal. I seem to be following that path. They diagnosed me with Bipolar I. After doing some research I believe I had a manic episode brought on by an abrupt stoppage of Prozac. I was put on Prozac over 15 years ago for anxiety attacks. It really helped. I thought I didnt; need it any more…….. It sent me into a 10 day manic phase which I had not idea what was happening. I checked in to the hospital and they decided the manic episode was caused by Bipolar I. Even though I had not symptoms prior to the manic episode. Dr kept upping the dose………. he was clearly headed toward 800 mg when I said enough is enough. This is me on No Prozac….. No anti-Psch drugs and it is strange. Its like I have been living in a buffered down perception. AND now……… its me……… I have been even keeled and doing well. So far……..

Apr 23, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

I am seeing a new doctor next week. I don't know how that will go as I plan on telling him that if they intend on using medications that I will keep on looking for another dr. I feel so strongly about this. Before going on these drugs I was healthy I had just lost 55 pounds sugar levels down, cholesterol levels down…….. and this drug destroyed that in four months.

Apr 23, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

So far stopping Seroquel has been relatively not too bad. But it is only Day 3 Going on Day 4. I have had very little mood swings. A little itching. I am back to the gym able to exercise again and swim. My activity level has been awesome. The pains in my legs are gone. I have had those pains the entire time I was on Seroquel. My appetite is down dramatically. I am sleeping 7 hours a night. So far that has not been impacted. I keep waiting for it to become worse.

Apr 21, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

I tapered very showly off Benztropine. I am happy to report I have had some mild withdrawals. Hot flushing of the skin, a little itchiness, a lot irritability.
Today is my first day to withdrawal from Seroquel. I am a little bit nervous but I have tapered from 600mg down to 25 mg.

I am no longer going to the dr who perscribed Seroquel…….. which in my mind has been very harmful to my well being. I am quite angry with him for his NOT telling me the long lasting side effects of Seroquel. This drug has made my life unrecognizable. As I lowered the dose I began to feel more like myself. My son told me yesterday that in the past four months this was the first time I seemed to him like my old self. There were times I wonder if I ever would find my way back. I will have about 10 days to see how I am withdrawalling from Seroquel……….before I start with the new doctor.which will involve therapy only. I believe I have PTSD and not Bipolar and that the perscribing dr made a hasty diagnosis without really talking to me first about my experiences. I don't know if I am doing the right thing or not………. I am going off of gut feelings. I know I could no longer tolerate the person I became on this drug.

Apr 13, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

Has anyone taken Benzopine with Seroquel? It was given to me to stop the side effects of Seroquel. I am now down to 50 mg of Seroquel and .5 of Benzopine.

Apr 11, 2019 · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

From the time I began tapering I have not had any prior symptoms…………… the symptoms I am talking about are all pre-seroquel…….many years of attacks brought on by events that was related to a traumatic event in my life when I was a young girl. I am 60 now.