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Sun, Jun 28 3:17pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

I was fortunate enough to also to receive a Liver and Kidney transplant at the MAYO in Phoenix last year after one day on the waiting list. The situation for me is that I do not trust advice coming from news reports or even "Medical 'Studies" until they are Verified by the MAYO or another Major Research University. Stay Vigilant and be wary of information that has not been verified by other Reliable Medical Research. Prepare yourself to quarantine until a Vaccine is available. After the Years of suffering prior to my transplant and then the recovery – I'm going to give myself the best chance. I'm sorry for your separation, I've been married almost 50 Years and my wife has been incredible as we've both have seen each other through difficult times. However as I've spoken with others – If someone leaves when the going gets rough – what were their intentions in the first place?

Tue, Jun 23 2:02am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

I've completed a double transplant Last Year – I'm also a Blood Type "A" and read the same article, however I've not seen anything from the Mayo on this. Since I do not have abnormal symptoms and all tests can be completed in town – for right now, I'm not willing to travel. I miss friends, get together's, going out, traveling etc, and with this heat I'm tired of walking circles in the house.Then I stop myself for all the things I'm grateful for, and that includes the Amazing Team that has allowed me to still be here and the Gift of another Healthy Day.

Tue, Jun 23 1:47am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

While I would feel safe at the MAYO – I do not feel the same about staying a week in Phoenix. I am lucky to be able to complete my tests in Las Vegas and do TeleHealth with the MAYO Doctors. Maybe next year will be better. I can say this because I feel fine, and the MAYO Liver and Kidney teams are still reviewing my Labs every other week in addition to my Local Doctors. However if there were any real concerns, I would definitely take the risk and maybe rent a Motor Home.

Sat, Jun 6 11:34am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

I'm One Year out. The Resistance Bands are great. Just move up to the Dark Blue (higher resistance) band if possible. Walking is important, I started just circling inside the house. I also had in-home physical therapy, that was a tremendous help. Get in home one on one therapy – not one of those therapy mills. Work on your balance, this is where I needed the most help.

Sat, May 16 9:28pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

It was not with tacrolimus but with specialty injections to boost my white blood cell count. It was so frustrating they will be my last option.

Thu, May 14 8:57pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

I have received Tacrolimus from my local CVS before (even though I now order from the Mayo Pharmacy in Rochester) the CVS must call Medicare to get approved to dispense the medication under Medicare Part B – it took mine one day. The CVS specialty pharmacy, for me, has been a disaster and I would NEVER use them again. They have several locations across the U.S. and I was passed from one to another every few days without satisfactory results.

Fri, May 8 1:51am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

I had a Liver and Kidney Transplant in June 2019. After 6 weeks I still felt terrible and had the concerns regarding many things, Like literally feeling my Liver move around, leakage through the incisions, numerous medication adjustments, further testing at the Hospital with a few days re-admission, etc. However, as my weekly Blood Work showed – things were stabilizing. I never hesitated to send a Portal Message to my Coordinator, and always received a call or Portal Message back. I urge you to also always contact them and ask about your concerns. They work with similar patients Daily and can quickly ascertain your concerns. For me, the first 2 months were concerning, the following two months – were getting used to my new normal, and now I feel better than I have in years. I do have a lifetime drug regiment, as we all do.

Thu, Apr 9 12:19pm · Tranplants on the rise in older adults in Aging & Health: Take Charge

I received a Liver and Kidney transplant plus a Carotid artery stent in June 2019 at age 69, at the MAYO in Phoenix, I feel amazing. My HE is gone at everything is functioning normal. Never accept diagnosis that you don't trust, until you are diagnosed at a major health center – like the MAYO. It was almost a two year journey to the transplant – with one month misdiagnosed at local hospitals.