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6 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Had Grover’s since January 1 but biopsy in February made it official. Itching was so horrible that I could not sleep. Got on Mayo Clinic discussion group, found out about cilantro, began taking and it cleared up within 10 days.
I take cilantro by 2 methods. First is a cilantro, yogurt and orange juice smoothie every morning. Secondly I take a cilantro capsule three times per day.
For one 5 day period (on trip) I took only capsules and did not break out. After 6 months I am back to running in Texas heat. Have had small outbreak of red bumps on back but no pain, no itching at all. One of these days I’m going to try weaning myself off cilantro just to see if I break out but that’s several months down the road.

Wed, Jul 3 10:25am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Thanks. The antibiotic ointment something we always have in the house. And I have an update too. As of July 1 I resumed my running. Grover’s started end of December. So far so good although it’s only been 3 days since first run. I take a cold shower immediately after morning run. Must exercise in morning as Texas heat is deadly. But hasn’t hit 100 yet.
Still have a lingering rash on hip and lower back but nothing like it was in January thru March. Cilantro is a mainstay in my morning routine.

Sun, Jun 30 11:41am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

My thoughts exactly! Mine began January 1 and the smoothies have done the trick. Do you take any vitamins to supplement the smoothies? I’m unsure whether to add vitamins to my daily routine.

Fri, Jun 21 7:44am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Yes. My pathology report came back saying I had Grover’s. The lab tested for several things.

Thu, Jun 20 8:58pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I recommend a biopsy for Grover’s. My dermatologist said only way to find out. Only after biopsy did I begin my treatment. And cilantro is ONLY thing that will stop the horrible itch and outbreak. There’s a lot on here about cilantro. I doubted it until I started and now am a believer.

Wed, Jun 19 9:31pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Think I’ll be a cilantro junkie for life. Hope all gets better for you.

Thu, Jun 6 5:06pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Just got back from Mt Rainier National Park. 6 days and no smoothies. But I relied on cilantro capsules every day. Took about 5 per day and had no breakout of Grover’s or any reaction to the capsules. Was feeling a little antsy on final day but nothing happened. The capsules and the very cool weather of Washington State really helped.
I had told my dermatologist about cilantro and he had never heard of its medical use. He was glad it was helping. My first 6 months of having Grover’s ends middle of July and then I will do a “no cilantro” test in the heat of Texas.

Sat, Jun 1 6:11pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Yes. But I’m in middle of national park and don’t think flying with a green herb would get by TSA.