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Mar 18, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

I have been to London a few times for lithotripsy in 2015 kidney stones so will meet my dietitian from work to see what would be the best diet for me they put me on Keto then low fobmap what next

Mar 18, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

So I am from a small town near north bay and I was recently diagnosed so I haven’t met any other specialist then my gastroenterologist and when I ask questions he doesn’t really answer me so going to see my family doctor tmr and ask him all my questions and see if I could have maybe a second opinion

Mar 17, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

So bmi has is in the normal like I said my doc is not the greatest as per my opinion he told me it was impossible for me to have that pain and yea everyone is different can have different symptoms at least I have very good communication with my family doctor

Mar 16, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

Sorry I have no idea about meld score all I was told was that I have compensated liver cirrhosis probably due to type 2 diabetes my wt is 126 pounds the doc wants me to lose another 15 pounds …. but yes I have rt upper quadrant pain and as the day progresses it feels swollen and hard maybe it has no relation who knows

Mar 16, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

I am from canada and I was complaining of pain since my gallbladder was removed in 2016 bloodwork after blood work my liver enzymes were always high had a mri done finally got a liver biopsy this past January got my results February 12 a month and one day after my dear dad passed away so I will have monthly bloodwork that takes part for the research then another liver biopsy in a year and it’s through intercept pharmaceuticals in San Diego this med is used for another liver disease and trial for compensated cirrhosis due to non alcoholic steatohepatitis

Mar 16, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

Yes I do have a gastroenterologist but he is not really paying much attention to my symptoms and to how I feel with this sickness he can’t even tell me what diet I should be on, tells me I don’t have pain in my rt upper quadrant and such I am not at the point for liver transplant for now since it’s compensated Nash for now I am not a last minute person and I am a nurse so it’s hard for me since I know somewhat what this is …. I am about 4 hours from a transplant centre and hopefully this research will help it’s Obeticholic acid double blinded study it’s for 2 years first year some will be on the med and some on a placebo they will collect data from blood work for a year then everyone in the study will take the med for the second year in our area they said I was the youngest on the trial …

Mar 16, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

It’s cirrhosis and where I am from we don’t have the best of specialist so I am asking to go where there is a better chance of getting my questions answered and talk about transplant for in the future I have been off work for a bit now for other reasons I want to go back to work but need for my job to understand I don’t always feel well need to limit my stress need to take care of my diabetes…. also my itchy ness is mostly evenings and nights is that normal ??

Mar 15, 2019 · Liver disease itching in Transplants

I am 46 recently diagnosed with Nash will be part of a study very soon did start having a lot of itchy ness I have been complaining about something being wrong with me since 2016 needless to say not to happy about this diagnosis