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Sat, Mar 21 11:08am · Need TKR and had positive allergy testing / Bone Cement and Metals in Joint Replacements

Hi, I'm a 66 yr F with a history of food allergies only. I am now hearing of allergies where I never did in the past. I also found out the hard way. After a TKR in '17, I had a miserable 2 years of pain, swelling and was blown off by my surgeon. I keep writing to the PA and was told it was just taking me longer to heal. The repeat XR about 5 mos after surg didn't show a problem when I asked my surgeon to see me because of swelling/pain. He said it all was normal. He knew I had many food allergies pre op but never suggested allergy testing. I wish I would have known about this potential issue and would have insisted on testing. I have eczema reaction to food as my only medical issue, but Dr's have a duty to follow up on any allergy history in this new world of now common allergies to food and environmental causes.

I was still paying for physical therapy (PT) 1 yr post op just to maintain some mobility, but it was getting harder to walk and I had to use a brace because I could now feel my knee moving. my PT recommended I get tested as she remembered a patient she had a few years back that reacted to metal in her hip replacement. I talked to the immunologist I see for the eczema and he recommenced I go to National Jewish Hospital in Denver. He contacted a Dr he knows.

I was tested, and found to have the bone cement allergy. She recommended I consult with Dr Mark Tuttle at Presbyterian St Luke hospital. He was able to do a successful revision. He said when he opened up my leg, the hardware had already come out of the tibia and the tissue looked like raw red meat from the year and a half of inflammation. I am so grateful to have found him and Dr Pacheco and am now doing well. Dr Tuttle also works with custom materials for those with metal allergies like you mention. Do contact him and let us all know how you are doing. So have hope that things will work out, be persistent.

Sat, Mar 21 11:11am · Need TKR and had positive allergy testing / Bone Cement and Metals in Joint Replacements

HI, see my reply below and welcome to the We Love Dr. Tuttle Club! I would love to talk with you. I'm doing well now too! Send me your text or email if you'd like to talk.

Apr 1, 2019 · Need TKR and had positive allergy testing / Bone Cement and Metals in Joint Replacements

I think anyone with ANY allergies should be fully tested for metals and bone cement, as I have been through a nightmare because no one thought to test me and I had no idea I should be tested. I have recent onset in 2013 of food allergies to nightshades, gluten, coffee, my surgeon was aware, but didn't mention testing and I didn't think about it at the time. Now the hardware is loose per XRays, constant swelling, pain 1 1/2 yrs post op. It all has to come out. It is an autoimmune disease and I hope anyone with a hint of an allergy gets tested first. It should be a mainstream discussion with all the allergic reactions we are experiencing in our world. It is not rare to have allergies anymore. I am hoping to get the revision, but there is a limit per the FDA on how many a surgeon can do per year because the surgery is a financial loss for the hospital- I was told this by my surgeon. I am in the Denver area. National Jewish Hospital is were I had the 40 patch testing done. My best to anyone out there going through this. I hope this helps.

Apr 1, 2019 · allergic reaction to bone cement in Joint Replacements

Thanks for posting this, I would like to connect with anyone going through this. I am still working part time, wearing a brace to help with the loose hardware. It does hurt, I take Tylenol or ibuprofen. I have read 1:5 are not happy with their TKR, but I am an outlier with these allergies.

Apr 1, 2019 · allergic reaction to bone cement in Joint Replacements

After 1 1/2 years of pain, swelling getting worse, I was tested for allergies. I will have to have another TKR custom without the bone cement. I am devastated at no one checking for allergies as I have numerous strange food allergies. I am told I may have to wait up to 10 mos for the revision as the FDA only approves a small number of these revisions per surgeons annually. This is because it's not a money maker for the hospitals, so it's limited. Another disappointment as now the hardware is coming loose from the bones and is unstable/more painful. Please pass on my bad experience so others don't suffer. Surgeons should be asking about allergies in this era of more and more people allergic to foods/environmental substances.

Mar 17, 2019 · knee replacement allergy in Joint Replacements

I have severe allergies to gluten, nightshades. After a failed TKR, I've been tested with allergies to the bone cement and possibly nickel. Now I need to find a surgeon who can do this type of revision. It's been a nightmare for 2 years of constant pain, swelling. Now the hardware is coming apart.

Mar 15, 2019 · knee replacement allergy in Joint Replacements

I’ve had constant pain since my TKR 6/17. I’ve now found I’m allergic to cement and moderate allergy to nickel. The KR is coming loose, and is unstable. I need a custom made joint that will take 10 mos to make. Has anyone gone through this?