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Mar 16, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

@bruce0712 I took lexapro a few years ago for my hot flashes. That worked until it didn't but I don't think I gained weight. I did, however, have weird symptoms when I went off it even though I did so gradually. All @SSRIs are known to reduce sexual desire. I am happy for you that you are totally off of ambien, that's great news! I don't like feeling like I am dependent on something and I am definitely both psychologically and physiologically hooked on it 🙁 I can't fall asleep after I awaken with a hot flash.

Mar 16, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

@sndishpr Thanks for the reply! I have tried trazadone but it didn't help. Maybe i didn't take enough, I can't remember how much I took.
Did you take ambien AND trazodone simultaneously for a while or just substituted trazodone for ambien right off the bat? Did you gain weight on trazadone? It is one of the older antidepressants that could cause weight gain.

Mar 14, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

I am a brand new member. I would like to try to wean off of Ambien which I have been taking for over ten years. I started on it when my menopausal symptoms greatly interfered with my sleep. I do not have depression or anxiety but I have insomnia. I have finally admitted to myself that I am physiologically addicted and intend to cut down and go off very, very slowly. I am reading a good book called The Sleep Book by Dr. Guy Meadows. Not finished yet but highly recommend. I believe that my fear about not getting enough sleep combined with having to take more and more of the meds to get an effect are my problem.

Who here has gotten off completely and how long did it take? Thanks in advance.