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Thu, Jan 9 4:52pm · I need a TKR: Do I do it, or go as long as I can? in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell I was told that at 61 I was an excellent candidate for knee replacement. I believed that going ahead with surgery while I was young, active (even with bone on bone), in the best shape physically (never was overweight), I was biking 20 miles a day, doing all the pre-hab exercises plus strength and weight training for 2 months prior to surgery that I would have great success. It's been a year post-op and my life is not better after surgery. All those theories about being young did not help. Surgery has risks that we all take when we go under the knife. I researched my surgeon, he was a 5 out of 5 stars on those websites. I asked about custom and was told they didn't offer that option ( that's where I should have canceled out). Now I am one of those suffering with daily pain and limitations due to a size issue. I'm still looking for a good surgeon who wants to take on someone else's surgery mistake. I wished I would have waited now that I know what I know now. Much has been learned on this discussion group since I started 3 months post-op last March. Wish I would have known about it before making a decision. I hope @happyat76 takes in all this information and can make a better decision for themselves .

Wed, Jan 8 6:15pm · I need a TKR: Do I do it, or go as long as I can? in Joint Replacements

I would wait as long as you can. They don't tell you that you will not be able to do simple things like walk in your yard on even ground, kneel to pull weeds, walk in the snow, chase after that fun grandchild, carry that baby up and down stairs, enjoy long walks in nature. Those sites for recommendations are not always reliable, more like paid advertisements. Ask for personal experiences, and DO talk about the custom Conformis or how the size for you will be decided. Take as long as you need….Good Luck!

Dec 29, 2019 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@snowdoc2001 I'm 12 months post-op bilateral TKR. At 6 weeks I was losing ROM after doing so well in the beginning of PT, and believe (months later) the aggressive PT was to blame for my set back. My surgeon talked me into a manipulation at 6 weeks by telling me how much better I would be after. I went through with it and that is another of my regrets. I did gain ROM immediately after in the weeks of more aggressive PT. I was in so much pain from the MUA that I had to go back on pain meds. After 3 weeks of PT I started losing ROM again because the inflammation and swelling came back much worse. Then I was told to stop PT for 2 weeks to heal. After the 2 weeks I never got more than 110 on flexion and 5 on extension(I was 96 and 0 before MUA). I continued to be in pain do to the soft tissue damage from the MUA, no fractures from it. I would find a PT immediately and start with gentle PT that involves massage of soft tissue and gentle PT.

Dec 26, 2019 · burning after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@cami I'm 12 months post-op of bilateral TKR. I remember the intense burning pain, when asked to describe it I said imagine a hot branding iron being pressed against your knee. It was excruciating! Especially at night. The things I did was to ice 20 min, off 20 min until it would ease up. I also continued with pain meds. Sometimes at night I would get up and walk around the room and that seemed to help. It does gradually get better so hang in there.

Nov 21, 2019 · Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement in Joint Replacements

@hnbmomof3 I had thumb joint replacement in Jan 2018 and had the tendon harvested from my forearm. I remember when the nerve block came out about 24 hours after surgery that the pain was moderate. I took the 5mg of Oxycodone for the first day and found it made me sick. After that I used ice and ibuprofen for a week and it was manageable. The first cast was open on the top and rigid on the thumb and bottom of forearm. At the 2 week check they put the permanent full cast on and it was fine the first 2 weeks, then for some reason it swelled so bad I felt my arm and hand were in a vice so they removed it and re-did the cast. That lasted a week and swelling came back so they molded the brace for my thumb and forearm which was open on the top again and I had that for 3 months. It is a long recovery of 3 months, you don't start to move it or do PT until the end of 2 months in a cast. I did not think the pain was as bad as you are experiencing, but not the exact same since you had Pyrocarbon. I hope you get some relief from the pain. And be patient during the 3 month recovery it will be over before you know it and your hand should feel much better each month. I felt like the 6 month mark was when I felt normal again.

Nov 13, 2019 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Get a second opinion on your own, not your surgeons suggestion. Go out of the group or area. Ask for new Xrays and the possibility of the implants being the wrong size, the alignment off and your knee caps replaced poorly. Follow @babette story. This really does happen to patients

Sep 11, 2019 · My Revision is Scheduled, Now I'm Nervous in Joint Replacements

@babette I'm wishing you the best recovery. I will be following your recovery updates when you are up to it. I too will be facing revision surgery in the future and I'm hoping the second time around when it is done correctly will be much easier.

Jul 29, 2019 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@katp Believe me, yes the pain and inability to do the things you use to can cause depression. I sought out counseling instead of asking my MD for another pill to take. She gave my ways to focus on more positive things in my life and to journal all my feelings everyday. It has helped, but it is a daily process. Keep looking for answers but think of what is good right now in your life! Good luck and keep us posted.