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Wed, Sep 11 6:25pm · My Revision is Scheduled, Now I'm Nervous in Joint Replacements

@babette I'm wishing you the best recovery. I will be following your recovery updates when you are up to it. I too will be facing revision surgery in the future and I'm hoping the second time around when it is done correctly will be much easier.

Mon, Jul 29 7:43am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@katp Believe me, yes the pain and inability to do the things you use to can cause depression. I sought out counseling instead of asking my MD for another pill to take. She gave my ways to focus on more positive things in my life and to journal all my feelings everyday. It has helped, but it is a daily process. Keep looking for answers but think of what is good right now in your life! Good luck and keep us posted.

Sun, Jul 28 1:44pm · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

@babette So sorry to hear about what you have been going through. I've followed your posts because your problems sound a lot like what I am going through at 7 months post-op bilateral. I am young, healthy and was active before my surgery. I have felt things were wrong at 4 months but at 5 months my OS said everything looks good on xrays see you in a year. I am in constant pain, can't walk normal, simple daily tasks are exhausting. Had a 2nd opinion and he said femur implant could be too big, knee caps are sitting "kittywaumpus" and he wants to do injections to my ligaments now for the pain. I'm very curious about what your new Dr said about your femur, knee caps and ligaments and how it contributes pain and doing a revision. The new OS I have said to wait 18 months before considering revision. I don't think I can possibly live like this for a year and be so debilitated. Yes, it's good to have answers, but the agony and pain presently and in the future is hard to handle. Keep me posted after your visit with revision specialist and good luck!

Mon, Jun 24 9:27am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

There is no legal action to be taken if your surgeon performed and operated to the best of his abilities. There is no legal recourse for his judgement of wrong sizing, this is left to the surgeons discretion at the time of surgery. Only if he was was grossly negligent and you can get your 2nd opinion to go on record stating this will you have a case. Good luck with your 2nd opinion, I hope you get answers too and share them with us.

Sun, Jun 23 6:26pm · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

It's really hard to know if it would have helped us with scar tissue, but I would have liked to made that decision for myself. My Dr would not send me home with one after surgery and then after manipulation I was firm that I wanted to try one and he would NOT send me home with one, said the data wasn't there to prove they help.

Wed, Jun 19 12:50pm · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@babette I'm glad you are getting that 2nd opinion. At 4 months I kept telling Dr and PT's that something isn't right. My newer PT that is private has done wonders with myofascial release and massage for me too. At 6 months I was able to see a Dr that specializes in revisions and failed implants. He reviewed xrays and determined both (I had bilateral) knees were too large for my small frame. Good luck, I'll be waiting to see what your 2 nd opinion is.

Wed, Jun 19 7:19am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@killerbees Thanks for your reply. We also have similar timelines in regards to recovery. I also have an excellent PT out of the group I used for surgery. The PT's connected to the group I had surgery with only addressed ROM and the continued aggressive pushing aggravated my hips and back to the point it was limiting my sessions. My new PT uses myofacial release, massage and "dry needling" which is acupuncture needles inserted in to the scar tissue and then she turns them. I have my home routine every morning too. 15 min upright stationary bike and 15 on stationary recumbent. Then on to the stretching and bending exercises. My pain and limited ROM was concerning my PT. She strongly urged me to get a second opinion. I had that on June 6th and the surgeon examined my knees and xrays and determined both knee implants are too large for me. I too am petite and small boned. He has said revision on right is a must to ever feel better. I will want to know how your second opinion goes. Keep me posted and good luck!

Tue, Jun 18 6:57pm · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I had bilateral knees in January also, and a manipulation in Feb. I'm also still in therapy. What are you dealing with in regards to movement and pain? And who is saying its scar tissue? Just curious since we would have similar time lines.