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Fri, Jul 26 8:05am · Gardening and outdoors? in Just Want to Talk

lioness, looks like you used all the tricks to try and keep the pesky insects away.

Thu, Jul 25 8:43am · Gardening and outdoors? in Just Want to Talk

I wouldn't use anything plastic in the bottom of beds or pots but stick with something natural. I don't know what that might be for beds but for my pots, I just pick up a few small rocks or used pieces of broken terra-cotta pots. Never been a huge fan of Roundup and have used it very sparingly but this year I decided to try the vinegar, salt , dish soap mixture and am surprised at just how well it works.

Thu, Jul 25 8:38am · Gardening and outdoors? in Just Want to Talk

Gardening is just good for you all the way around….and you have the bonus of fresh vegetables. Of course, there's always challenges to overcome whether it be from the weather or insects.

Tue, Jul 16 2:51pm · Facial Hair on Women in Women's Health

How often do you use it?

Tue, Jul 16 2:50pm · Facial Hair on Women in Women's Health

I used Avon Skin So Soft facial hair remover for sensitive skin and it hardly has any scent at all.

Sun, Jul 14 8:32am · Gallbladder(?) Concerns in Digestive Health

Your gallbladder may be inflamed. You need to figure out what you're eating that causing it.

Mon, Jun 24 8:41am · Gallbladder surgery coming up this week in Digestive Health

I assume that you have had the presence of gallstones confirmed by test/scans. If that is correct, I'd go ahead with the surgery. I've had 2 ultrasounds in the past 2 years because of pain in the gallbladder area but both didn't show any stones. Like you, it's a problem that I could live with. I did decide to change my diet to be more like how I'd have to eat if I didn't have a gallbladder at all. I did learn a lot about gallbladder diseases by doing online research. Now after all this time, my digestive system seems to be working perfectly normal with no pain at all…..if I don't eat something that doesn't agree with it.

Thu, Jun 13 8:17am · Keto Diet for pain in Chronic Pain

Are you still of the medication?