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Mar 10, 2019 · Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma- Watch & Wait Approach in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I was diagnosed in 2002 with nhl…I was put on watch and wait and have NEVER had any treatment for lymphoma. I had pet scan blood work and bone marrow biopsy for about the 1st three years after diagnosis at MD Anderson in Texas which always showed no progression of diseaseI got tired of traveling to Texas since I had no symptoms of active disease. so I stopped the pet scans have been since to oncologist close to me showed no active disease I will also say when I went to my first oncologist for first visit after biopsy results in I asked him ( not really knowing much about nhl) what my prognosis was he said well in 2-3 years you will need treatment and in 12 yrs you will be dead.I just about died in the office, I said whoa you don’t know me or my body I want a second opinion at MD Anderson in Texas, 7 days later I was at. MD Anderson and they were also in shock he had said that
And look no treatment and I am still here! When I went to a different oncologist some years later to make sure my status was still not active I told him I had had this for so long I was scared I would run out of time before Cure was found he said NO look how many years it’s been inactive now I expect it to be many more before you need treatment, we are so close to a cure, if we could figure out why some people like you do not have an active disease but it stays dormant for many years we could cure it