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Jun 6, 2019 · Itchy Ears and Hearing Aids in Hearing Loss

thanks for the feedback! I have times when my ears are itchy, but I hadn't thought of any of this info. I'll be a lot more careful.

May 22, 2019 · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

I know about TV ears, worn while watching TV. I am thinking, from looking at your diagram, that this T-coil would be a good thing for churches and other locations, like auditoriums for City government and court rooms, perhaps for a doctor office. Could something of this sort be put into a home? to answer your question, No, I haven't heard about the T-coil.

May 13, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

My hearing loss started when I was keeping score cards for my husband and the contestants who were competing on metal targets. In 1992 I went to have the hearing checked; sure enough, both ears were involved. We switched to kayaking. I was teaching full time, and noticing I wasn't really hearing the kids correctly. Since I was a reading specialist, and they were high school students, that wasn't good. By 2008 I had to stop. They estimated the ability in my right ear at 40%, and about 85% in my left ear. I was no longer joiniing my husband though we had always used double hearing protection. When I showed up at the audiologist office, she had new devices that brought back a goodly portion of my communication. It is much better now. The Doctor has said I am eligible for an aide that is fixed to the skull. I am very skiddish about this as there is no going back if it is not a good solution. Anyone have any thoughts on this device?

Mar 17, 2019 · Aortic Aneurysms – Introduce yourself & meet others in Aortic Aneurysms

Hi, I am told that I have an arterial infundibulum; But no one has bothered to tell me much, except not to worry. In the meantime, I think about my Mom who died when she bled out from an aneurysm, "in her back." That's really all I know. For the most part I am healthy, but have had a lot of headaches, lasting for more than a month now. After seeing the dentist, they had me do a MRI, & MRA test. Now I'm scheduled to see the physical therapist. I am wondering if I should be doing more? Any thoughts? LLouiseT