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Oct 2, 2019 · Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS) in Digestive Health

Hello I have been following the group for a while and reading the feed. I was diagnosed with MALS about 5 months ago. I have 2 arteries that first were shown compressed by a ligament in an ultrasound and than again in a CT. I have been very sick on and off since my teen years. Through all the illness, the severe stomach pain, the weight loss, the vomiting the diarrhea the multiple visits every year to the ER and several admits as well as exploratory surgeries which one ended up with my gallbladder removed, and still nothing. Until I went to Mayo clinic about 6 months ago and started to doctor for these symptoms that had suddenly persistently gotten the worst they had ever been. I underwent many many tests and saw several doctors. Than a doctor who had heard of MALS did some testing for this and called me the same evening at home after I had my tests and told me I should see cardiovascular. I have since underwent many pre-op clearance testing with GI, Cardiology and Internal Med. I also did a block to see if that would give me relief, in which it did, but sadly for only 3 days. It was 3 very happy and comfortable days! I am now waiting to see Cardiology again in hopes to be scheduled for surgery soon. Years of the pain, and suffering to hopefully have relief finally. On a side note, ten years ago I was diagnosed as a type one diabetic. I was diagnosed at another facility and doctored with them over the last several years. They told me my pancreas was dead and I would be a lifer as the rest of most TI diabetics. Since being a Mayo patient and seeing Endocrinology, I have learned that my pancreas is still working about 20% and they blood flow that has been cut off by the ligament from my arteries is most likely a sure cause that my pancreas has almost died and has given me the life of a diabetic. It is hard some days to know that other doctors could have caught all this, saved my pancreas so many years ago and I would be diabetes free. I am hopeful the blood flow that will be re- entered into my body once I have the MALS surgery will bring my pancreas back to life, but the doctors are only giving it a low chance of this happening. It is a harsh reality to swallow. This is my story and I wanted to share. I am nervous about having the surgery, as we have decided open is the best option. I will be so happy to eat and not have the pain any more.